Serving in the Oregon Eugene Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016
Happy Birthday to Me!   And Happy Father's Day!
Birthday Breakfast made by me!!!!!!

Birthday hat!

So this week was full of answers to prayers. I don't really know how
to describe it besides that things that I have been praying for and
seeking answers for have been answered. It all started with my doctors
visit this last Tuesday. And then as the week went on I felt so lost
but as I sought for the guidance of my Father in Heaven I was able to
see how the lord has been working with me and helping me grow and
change to be able to understand the answer He would give me. And it
was not an answer that just came  at once. It was answers that came
little by little. As I would ponder and look at what I had been given
and prayed and put my situation in front of the lord then I would
receive a little more revaluation. I learned that you don't just ask
Heavenly Father to give you the answer. You have to take to him what
you feel is right after you ponder and pray about it. I have heard
this my whole life but I guess I never truly put it into play in my
own life. But it is an incredible experience when you do!
So On Tuesday I went to see a neurologist about my head and see what's
been going on and she had me tell her my back story and about what is
going on with me head and then she had me do some tests like walking
on my tiptoes and on my heals and then toe to heal in a line and she
tested my reflexes by hitting my knee, elbow and arm. She also had me
touch my figure to my nose but the one I hated the most was when she
grabbed my face with both hands and she said "now look right into my
eyes and don't look away no matter what" and then she would jerk my
head one way and then another way. I was doing good and then I looked
away and she was like "don't look away" and then I was like "wow this
is legit, she really just wants me to stare into her soul!" Hehe! It
was weird because I guess I am not used to just starting people in
their eyes from an arms length away and it was weird because she was
holding my face..... I guess I must be a missionary!!! :) Haha!
then after that we just kept running!!!! That appointment was at 10
and we didn't stop moving until like 6. Wow! We went staight from that
appointment to go do some service for this widow in the ward who is
less active. I had stopped by my second or third week here and she is
such a sweet old lady! She has been trying to have us come over and
help her with really simple things that she can't do any more. And it
is so much fun to help her because she's so thankful for all that we
do. Hopefully we can help her get back to church.
Then we had Mike.... Oh boy I don't know if i have really talked about
him to much but he is this guy how we found while we were walking home
and he yelled "how do I get my own world!?" So you can kinda tell what
kinda investigator he is..... I really feel like we will have to drop
him soon.. Every lesson we have with him, he either take over and
try's to teach us or then things we teach him will go in one ear and
only a little will stay and he tries to argue with us but we have to
calm him down and remind him we aren't here to argue with people. But
this last week he was even worse. I have been asking the ward mission
leader what we should be doing to help Mike progress and really apply
what we are telling him. And he said to invite him to church. He is
not worth our time if he doesn't really want to learn. So ya. We are
trying to figure him out..
A super epic thing happened this week!!!! So I was having a little bit
of a rough day and I had gone to the apartment to lay down for a bit
but then it came time to walk to dinner and we figure out that it was
a hour walk. So we started walking. And I was just trudging alone and
really was just focused on getting to dinner. But while we were
walking we saw thing guy out in his yard weeding and so I said hello
and he actually said hello back! And I was like wow and kinda just
kept walking.... I know bad missionary... But then God gave us a
second chance when we were walking back to the church. He was out
there again and so this time we really stopped and talked with him and
found out that he had served a mission and he was served in a ward as
a secretary to the bishop but he had just stopped going for some
reason. We figured out that he didn't have his records in our ward and
so we got him full name and his birthday and now he is not a lost
member!! It is fun to contact less active members but it is more fun
to find then when they are lost!! Less actives still now where the
church is and who to talk to when they need help but lost less actives
have no idea where or who to talk to when they need help! So that was
really epic!! He was super nice! And then before we were leaving he
said "I want to take you out to dinner this week!" And lucky we had
someone cancel on us for that week and so we were able to have dinner
with him and I know that God arranged all of this to happen! So we
went to dinner with him and not only did he really take us, he also
invited his son in law that is not a member!!! So we talked with him a
lot durning dinner and invited him to play basketball with us that
night!! And he was like, well we will have to check the plans for
tonight. But he showed up and seemed to have a great time!!! So that
was super awesome!

This week has also been a week for me to learn how to receive
Revelation. I was asked to do something and I was unsure about what I
should do but more importantly what the will of the Lord was for me at
this time. I prayed harder than I think I ever have before and studied
more intensely then I have before and truly desired to receive
inspiration for myself. It was such an incredible experience and one I
will never forget!!! It was so awesome and cool to see how I receive
revelation and how it come "line upon line" to us and it is something
we have to study out in our mind and take our decision to the lord.

I love you all so very much  and I hope you all had a epic Father's
Day and remembered to show our love to our fathers on earth but also
to our loving Heavenly Father who is always watching over us and cared
so deeply about us!!!
Love you all!
Elder Peters!!!!

Oh ya!! For my birthday I was able to share it will all the fathers of
the world!!!! :) thank you so much fam for that incredible package and
I will never be able to tell you how much it meant to me!! And grandma
and grandpa peters, thank you for thinking of me and sending me a
package full of treats and love!! Thank you grandma white for your
letter and sharing with me that incredible letter full of thoughts
about our father in heaven and also grandpa!! :) oh and you WEBBS!!
Man your letters were so needed!! I love you guys a ton and kameron
and kasen thank you for your love!!! I miss you guys but one day you
both will be where I am at and feel the undescribable joy that comes
from serving the lord!!!

Love ya!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016
Dear family and friends,
This week I was able to build my bike!  It was a lot of fun!  Yeah! I get to finally ride my bike that I have packed around for 7 months now!  It is so helpful to get around faster on the bikes.  We get to see a lot more people. We can just zip around! Like today we were able to visit 10 + people, tract a street, help a member which was super fun, and we did it all before dinner!! Woot!  Woot!!!  I am seeing a change in me for the better. I have had to take the lead in the companionship and it has made me more confident in talking with people and being me! 
We went to the temple today and boy was it pretty!  The drive up and back were long to Portland but worth it.  At first I struggled to feel calm and I think a big part was that it’s hard to go to the temple with a bunch of missionaries.  It just is hard for me but I really wanted the temple trip to be something special for me.  I prayed and prayed for that.  I was grateful for the peace that came to me while there and the tender feelings from the Lord there.
We had interviews with President Russell today and it was actually very good.  I was very uplifted by what was said and it moved me to do better!  He extended the challenge of 5 new investigators and I have faith we can do it!  So after interviews we decided to bike to the far west side of blue and contacted some people and we were able to have a little success there so hopefully things work.  It is amazing how the Lord works and how He directs us to people!
Today was a awesome day for finding people!  We were able to find 3 people, but one of them is super solid and we talked with her for a good while on her porch and she is down to learn and has even had some questions but the only thing holding her back is that her daughter is graduating and moving out so she said we could start teaching her in like October.  But we got her the pamphlet app and gospel library so hopefully she uses them!   Today I also tried the challenge of waking up at 6:30 and exercising.  I was impressed with how I felt all day!  I was happy like all day and it was just a good day!  So I need to keep doing that!
Today was our technical p-day and it was epic.  We went to Emerald park and had a bar-b q and played Frisbee and v-ball!  It was so much fun!  It was nice to just play around and have fun and really just be me!  It was so nice!  We played Frisbee and would do all sorts of cool stuff!  It was a day much needed! We were also able to be a part of Naliye’s Ordinations to the Aaronic priesthood!  I’m so happy with their progress!  Then we were able to find 2 new investigators!  We have a challenge to find 5 this week and so far we are at 3!  So this is epic!
Today we were at the church and a lady was there and she started talking to us.  It was nice to just talk to her in the hall and have some time to just talk.  She said something that really stuck with me.  I am my #1 convert!  Sometimes I get so caught up in that I’m here to teach and help other people and when I can’t do that I get down on myself, but the real reason is to forget yourself and help others come closer to Christ!  And by doing that I draw closer to Christ! Just like ‘lift”.  After that sweet experience we went to dinner at the Bishops home.  It was nice to be there and talk to the bishop and his wife.  All the kids ran off so we ended up just talking to them and I talked to them about Mexico and how I was a Spanish missionary.  We talked for like 45 minutes about it!  It was wonderful!  I love the members here! We also were able to find 3 new investigators so we were at 6! 
It is really getting hot here.  It has been like 90 degrees and super humid! It is really hard to work so hard while you sweat so much and just feel drained!  It is such a relief to be able to go into a building with air conditioning.
One day this week Elder Adams and Thibault came over and grabbed a few things and as they were leaving Elder Adams dropped a hint that they had put a squirrel in our apartment.  Then they left!  So we spent a crazy time trying to find it and even longer to catch it!  It was so insane!! And so sketchy! I am kind of grossed out that a squirrel was in my room. Oh! The joys of missionary work! Haha
Love you all!  Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Love, Elder Peters

Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016
Dear Family and friends,
Last Sunday we were teaching about the priesthood and the keys of the
priesthood and I made the connection in my head finally how it all
worked! So We were sitting by the baptism font which you had to have a
key to unlock and so I asked the people there if since I had keys in
my pocket (also priesthood keys) could I use those keys to open the
door? I had keys so I should be able to. But my keys don't work to
that font or building. But then elder thibault had keys to that font
and building so he was able to open up the door! So that really helped
me really connect what was going on.

Prelude music is amazing! We were sitting there in the chapel before
our baptism this week and I had been running around trying to make
things work and then I had enough time to sit down and just listen to
the prelude music and let my spirit rest and get ready for the
incredible spirit that would be at at baptism! The baptism was
EPIC!!!!!! Autumn and Nakye were so excited to be baptized and were so
ready! Elder Adams gave a nice talk on baptism and then we had the
baptism and I got to be a witness and then while they were changing I
passed out some note cards and had everyone there write a note to them
so they could remember how special of a day it was and it turned out
really good! I couldn't stop smiling and I was so happy! I can't even
begin to describe the spirit that was there!

During one of our lessons this week with a recent convert we were
talking about the plan of salvation and then the topic of temple work
and family history came up and we talked about that for a while but
then she opened up a little more to us and said how she has had some
deaths in her family and I felt strongly that I needed to Testify of
grandpa and how he is here with me, by my side, through everything I
do. It wasn't till them that I realized how he really is with me
through all I do and it is not just him. I have so many past relative
that want me to succeed that are sitting with me or holding me up when
I feel weak! It is amazing the work that the people who have passed on
do for us and help prepare the hearts of us and investigators for our
to accept our message!

This last week in sacrament meeting I was filled with so much love for
the people in our ward and how much they do for the missionaries!
These people are awesome and a lot of them really want to help us in
what we are doing! I had a change of heart about the work. It is
becoming less and less that it is something that I'm supposed to do or
that I have wanted to do since I was little, to now I want to share
this gospel because I have seen it bless my life so much and so many
other people!

So while we were at the Eugene mission this week I learned a lot more
about what it is all about and we were able to talk to howie! He is
someone that we have started to really talk to while we are there and
he asks us really good questions. This last week we started talking
with him and how we follow Christ And then we ended up talking about
the Book of Mormon! It was so epic! We have him one last week and he
has already read to 1 Nephi 8 and he loved how it cross referenced the
bible! He knows that it is something that is good! He said he is
learning a lot from it! And then we left him with some scriptures to
read! It was so epic!
This last week I have grown so much! I have really had to step up and
take over the area and really talk. It has helped me SO much! I feel
more connected to the people and more obligated to finding answers for
them! I could go on and on about how amazing this week was but I this
I am almost out of time!
I love you all so much and I thank you all for your prayers!!!!!
Elder Peters! Because he loves you!!

Look Mom! I found you this week!

 Autumn and Nakye baptism!

Look at the friend I found!

Elder Peters went to the Portland temple today!   He said "The temple was amazing! It was so beautiful in there and so epic! The celestial room has an upper level! (I don't know if I can say that...) "

Look who I found in one of the pamphlets we use!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

So his week we were in a trio because the zone leader’s comp was made the assistant to the president! So that is crazy! So we all were together. It was good but also kinda hard because we had to cover both of our areas. We were see that guy I talked about that talks to us forever and this week we were only limited to a hour and instead of us teaching him he kinda took over and told us to tell him our favorite Book of Mormon story. So the 4 of us went around and talked about our favorite stories and why we like them. So that was interesting also he just kinda took over the lesson and would try and throw something at us to trip us up but we had 4 missionaries so it was pretty ok. 
We were able to find someone this week who was awesome! Too bad she is in the zone leader’s area... Her name is Rebecca and we knocked on her door and started talking about the plan of salvation with her and when we finished she said that she had prayed the week before that she know what happens to us after this life and why we are here and then all of the sudden we popped up!!!! Woot woot! Point one for the missionaries! So that was pretty epic!
So this week I went to the doctors on Tuesday and we went over the results of the nerve condition study. She told me that my nerve are fine and she doesn't feel like I have carpool tunnel so she did some tests on me, like moving my wrists around and stuff. She decided that I have loose wrists. Pretty much that means I have space in my wrists and so my tendons and muscles have to work harder to keep my wrist in place so that is what causes pain. So she wants to have me go to physical therapy and see how it goes. But I only can go 3 times in my whole mission.
Also we went trying to find this kid that was recently baptized but isn't coming right now and so we stopped by his house and we could find him and his mom was trying to help us even though she isn't a member and she said that maybe he was at the park that is right next to their house. So we went and looked but could find him so we went to go to our next person and we stopped to take pics by this wall and then boom! There he was! It was super weird! So as we took pictures we talked with him but we didn't try to teach him because he was with his friend and so we didn't want him to feel uncomfortable with talking to us in front of his friend. But hopefully something good happens in the future.

Ya it is transfers today. Elder Adams is leaving and becoming a zone leader! But the crazy thing is that he is just moving across the parking lot! He is becoming my zone leader! So that is crazy! And I am getting elder huntsman. He has been out for about a year and a half now. He is from Utah as well, in aurora! 
Love you all, Elder Peters
We went finding in another missionaries area this week after district meeting and even though we didn't really find anyone we did find this super cool field to take pictures in!

my new companion - Elder Huntsman

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16, 2016
Dear Family and friends,

This week we tried to contact more of the people that we had already found that were just sitting in the area book and see if they were interested. It was nice not to just wake up every morning and go track all day. It was good to go see people that we had already found and talk with them. One sad experience that happened was that we contacted this guy elder Adam found a while a go and when he opened the door and saw who it was he grabbed the Book of Mormon and gave it back to us..... That hurt more then someone just rejecting us.. But one really cool thing was that we went and saw this old lady we found last week and we talked with her for a while and at the end we asked her if she was interested in family history and she got so excited and really wants to do it with us! She was so pumped for it! Then last night we went tracking for a bit before dinner and we found this lady, Michelle, and she is so prepared! She was like "you guys couldn't have come at a better time. I am searching for a church and for answers! I am a little busy but could you leave me with something to read and study and then you guys could come back later and talk with me" it was so exciting! :)
This last week we had specialized training and it was mostly on using our iPads right and submitting our will to the father will! So that was great! It has been something I feel that Heavenly Father has been helping me with. Also the vehicle coordinator came from Utah to inspect our cars. He talked to us about tiwi (the box in the car that tells us how to drove better) and it was actually interesting! Like he made it fun! No interviews this week. Maybe next week.
Well this week I am not a dippy faucet but I still have a lot of snot.. My head is better, like pressure wise, but it still hurts a little. I did get my package! Thank you so much for the socks and the sweater! I am wearing my braces right now and they feel pretty ok. My wrists have been ok this week. I think that some of my pain was coming from the thought that I had carpole tunnel but they still are sore. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow so I will ask her about them.

So in Saturday we had this service project for this race that is called "heroes challenge" and it was so honor veteran and stuff. Like they had obstacles that they had to do that were army related and it was going to be awesome! But then it just POURED the whole day! And so no one ended up coming.... But my assignment was to watch this fence and make sure people went the right way. It was lame and more lame because no one came.. So we just sat there and got soaking wet! It took me a while to get warm after! I had my sweats on and my long sleeve on and sweater and this electric heat pad on my feet! But I got a dog tag out of it! ;)

So this week was pretty good! we have had a few really interesting experience! We have taught like 3 people this week that know the bible really well and one lady we taught was telling us hat she felt that God had sent us to her so she could save us and help us get back on the path.. She had the most INSANE interpretation of the bible. And then we taught this 17 year old that was throwing out some insane scriptures from the bible that my comp or I had ever heard before! This kid was crazy and pretty smart but my comp was smart too and said that is all comes back to if Joseph smith really was a prophet and if that is true then the Book of Mormon is true and we are the only true church. But the kid didn't really buy it.. Then we taught this Pentecostal who we gave a Book of Mormon to but she said she would only read it if we listened to some of her preachers CD's. So we did that after a hour of that she wouldn't listen to us for like 10 minutes. But she said she wouldn't go back on her word so she would read a little from the Book of Mormon and pray. So hopefully she feels something!
Also when we were at the eugene mission we were able to serve in the kitchen and we chopped potatoes and onions! It was so funny because we all started crying in the back bacause of the onions! We seriously were all teary and it was so funny! But it was also cool because I was able to chop stuff! I have not been chopping things because I was nervous about my wrists so that was a fun experience to use my wrists a little more!
Also we did exchanges this week. So I got to be with elder finlinson! This elder is the zone leader and he is so awesome! He is a lot of fun to be with and he is obedient! I love it! I love being with people who desire to be what is right! It makes me so happy and it is so much easier to do what is right! And the crazy thing is that he ended up becoming the new assistant to the president! And he has only been out like 10 or so months! He is epic! While we were together we went to Dinner with bro Snyder and this dinner was a little bit different then normal dinners. For one, it was just him and also he had a death in his family pretty recently and so he is struggling. He told us a little about it and it was kinda weird because I want really sure what to say but as it went on I was able to talk with him and comfort him little and we started talking about other things to get his mind off that and he told me how he was a manger over a company that worked with browning and another hunting company. And he was really good at duck calling! It was nice to see him go from almost in tears to laughing and telling us stories!
We had splits this week and I went and saw this less active member and she was so nice! We talked for a long time and at the end I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon and she said that I knew that it was true because of how much I was smiling and she also felt it in her heart! Boom! Man I loved it! The guy I went with talked to me later and he said she just keeps talking about me and what I Said! So hopefully she felt something starts coming again!
Dunk now- week 9 ! woot woot! Man my legs kill after that! I just decided to jump in and do it with elder Adams and it was insane! But pistol Pete (me) gained a ton of respect from that!
We were out tracting a little before dinner and we found this lady at is SO READY to hear the gospel! She answered the door and said we couldn't have come at a better time and that she was wanted to learn more and that she had questions about where her dad is now that he has passed away and so she asked us if we could leave her with something to read to understand a little about what we believe and the whole time I a doing a little dance party inside my Heart! She said to not worry about her being one of those people who didn't respond back to her because she will make sure to contact us very soon! 😃😃😃😃 it was epic! Right after we got past her door we started doing a dance party!!!! We were so pumped!!!!! It was so epic!!! 
I love you so much family! You all are such amazing examples to me! I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to be out here and be helping people and learning so much every day! Keep being awesome fam!!!! 
Elder Peters!
Look at those clouds! We got drenched!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 9. 2016
Dear Family and friends,
Come what may and love it

So yesterday I went to 2 sacrament meetings for church because elder Adams confirmed someone that he had been working with and so we went to our ward at like 9 and then we drove to Springfield where elder Adams confirmed his old investigator a member! So that was fun. The whole time my nose was running so I went though like a whole hanky in a couple hours... But in our ward they had a couple of the youth speak and they two adults speak and then at the end they had all the women stand up and then the young men handed out these chocolates to them! 
The do have some pretty big houses here. We call it green acres and those houses are pretty huge! We got to talk to one guy there and he is a sales man and he works a lot with Mormons and he said that Mormons make the best door to door sales man! ;) hehe! 

Today We went to the park and played sports outside! So I just sat and watched everyone play and then I got a soccer ball and I played around with That! So that was fun to just move my feet around and do something different!
Nerve condition study was pretty great I guess! Hehe! I wish i could have got pictures of but my comp feel asleep while I was getting shocked! ;) so he best way to explain this test is that they lay me down on the table and then they measure out where my nerves are and hen they mark it with a pen and shock me there and then they slowly move up my arm! And the higher they go up my arm the bigger he shocks got! Like when they were up by my elbow it made my whole arm flop like a fish!!!!! It was so crazy! It wasn't like painful but it felt really weird...... 

We had a 3 hour lesson this week with this guy that stopped us and asked if he could have has own world and be a god and so elder Adams told him to meet with us and he would find out! So we saw him on Sunday talked for a while and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday. And this lesson lasted for 3 hours! He talked about the restoration and the plan and we shared scriptures back and  guy knew the bible really well and so this made me realize how little i know about the bible so I need to study it more! It was a pretty cool lesson!
And that was one of 3 of our lessons that went through this week! The other 11 canceled on us.... So it was kinda a slower week with lessons...

On Wednesday night elder Adam's wrists started hurting and so I doctored him up! Hehe and we both iced our wrists and we looked pretty awesome because we both had gimp wrists! Hehe! 

Look at those pretty cars! 

I saw this sign and I had to go back and take a picture! It was so fun! 

And of course I had to dance by the sign because we had some sweet beats pumping though our car! 

After my doctors appointment we were driving back and we drove past the football stadium and it looked awesome! It is so huge and nice! On the right side is where all the tailgaters go for the game! 
This is me watching all the zone play volleyball! Woot woot! 
I love you so much!!!! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Peters!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

It feels like just the other day I was doing this......
So We are teaching a guy named jumari and he is 17 and he is kinda a jock but when we start taking gospel with him we just brake all his walls!!! Like the last 3+ lessons (we have like 3 lessons a week with him because that is what he wanted us to do to help him to get baptized) and each time I look over at him and you can see his eyes are a little red and it looks like he is trying to hold back tears. Like the first lesson I had with him, so last week, he opened up to us and said he was having a hard time and so I shared how when I have a hard time I like to listen to uplifting music and then elder Adam shared how he could like write down some of his feelings. So he just combined it into one and he just writes songs I guess!! Hehe! This guys is so much fun to teach because he listen so intensely and he really wants to learn. This week we got a call from the zone leaders asking if we had a lesson planned for that night and we had jumari and the said great because president Russell wanted to come with us! WHAT!!! We were kinda panicked for second but when he got there it was pretty great!! They got to know each other and then we started. We were both kinda stiff at the beginning and I felt like I was teaching a lesson not a person so I changed it right there and made up my mind that yes I can use the points to guide me but always follow what the spirit tells me and teach what would apply to a person. And after that I was able to better teach jumari and I felt like it was easier to teach when I was less worried if I was saying the right words and more concerned about listening. President Russell asks about jumari every time we talk to him now so that is really fun!

This week elder Adams had a training district leader training in Eugene so after he was done we drove Drove through Eugene and I saw the stadium and the athlete study center and also where the Book of Mormon play was at and then I remember seeing all of that when we drove through the campus when we came up here before.

We were serving at the Eugene mission and one of the workers was talking with elder Adams and he was talking about me and about my wrists and how he feels sorry for me that I have this problem at such a young age. And he also was concerned about how it would affect me with getting a job if they see I can't do anything with my wrists...

So we are also teaching a lady named autumn and she is so awesome! This last week we taught her the word of wisdom and it was really hard on her. She had been smoking since she was 14 and so it was really hard on her. We have a senior couple that comes with us and we felt that he kinda just threw it at her and was not very nice about the approach to telling her hat she needed to stop smoking and drinking coffee to be baptized. But we went back later and we sat down with her and tried to explain things better and she then was not in as much shock so she was more willing to accept the change and so she is so far 2 day without smoking at all! So that is big! We went by on Sunday and talked to her and had left 2 Nephi 2 with her to read and she pulled out the meaning about how Adam and Eve had to eat the fruit. She is really smart and has such a desire to learn.

Megan is a mom who elder Adam and I invited to be baptized last week and is week we had a another lesson with her about the plan of salvation and it was really fun because we were able to build her knowledge from ground zero. She know little to nothing about the gospel and so we get to teach her and we don't have to fight against her and try and prove all the point in the bible. It is cool also because she says e plan just makes sense just like it is supposed to! We learned it before this life and we are just hearing it again here!
 After the lesson with her we started talk and it came up that she deals with headaches everyday and she said how she has tried different things and she said she even tried topamax and she said she hated what it did to her body and that she experienced a lot of the same side affect that I am feeling. So we talking for a while and it was fun to connect with her!

So on Saturday night we were walking home from the church (which is like a 30 minute walk) and we stapled at this place called Dari mart just to see what kinda ice cream the had because I guess they have good stuff. Any way, so we walk in and this guy asked if we wanted a tour of the store so we were like sure! So we showed us where the really good ice cream was and then the pink milk that he used like 30% of his check for and then the rest just like a gas station haha! It was funny and then at the end he was like do you guys want some free ice cream? We looked at each other and were like sure! And we are it as we walked back home! It was pretty crazy!

Fasted for guidance with the becraft family and as Sunday went on things just seemed to unfold just like they needed to for her and her family.  As I pondered what I should fast for this fast Sunday I thought about fasting for myself and that I will be able to function better and teach better and that the doctors will be able to help me this week but then I felt that I needed to fast for others. There are others praying for me and probably fasting for me. I need to fast for others. So I fasted so the becrafts and Megan! And I feel like things are moving now. 

Love ya family!
I will see you all this next week!
Love Elder Peters