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Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016
Happy Birthday to Me!   And Happy Father's Day!
Birthday Breakfast made by me!!!!!!

Birthday hat!

So this week was full of answers to prayers. I don't really know how
to describe it besides that things that I have been praying for and
seeking answers for have been answered. It all started with my doctors
visit this last Tuesday. And then as the week went on I felt so lost
but as I sought for the guidance of my Father in Heaven I was able to
see how the lord has been working with me and helping me grow and
change to be able to understand the answer He would give me. And it
was not an answer that just came  at once. It was answers that came
little by little. As I would ponder and look at what I had been given
and prayed and put my situation in front of the lord then I would
receive a little more revaluation. I learned that you don't just ask
Heavenly Father to give you the answer. You have to take to him what
you feel is right after you ponder and pray about it. I have heard
this my whole life but I guess I never truly put it into play in my
own life. But it is an incredible experience when you do!
So On Tuesday I went to see a neurologist about my head and see what's
been going on and she had me tell her my back story and about what is
going on with me head and then she had me do some tests like walking
on my tiptoes and on my heals and then toe to heal in a line and she
tested my reflexes by hitting my knee, elbow and arm. She also had me
touch my figure to my nose but the one I hated the most was when she
grabbed my face with both hands and she said "now look right into my
eyes and don't look away no matter what" and then she would jerk my
head one way and then another way. I was doing good and then I looked
away and she was like "don't look away" and then I was like "wow this
is legit, she really just wants me to stare into her soul!" Hehe! It
was weird because I guess I am not used to just starting people in
their eyes from an arms length away and it was weird because she was
holding my face..... I guess I must be a missionary!!! :) Haha!
then after that we just kept running!!!! That appointment was at 10
and we didn't stop moving until like 6. Wow! We went staight from that
appointment to go do some service for this widow in the ward who is
less active. I had stopped by my second or third week here and she is
such a sweet old lady! She has been trying to have us come over and
help her with really simple things that she can't do any more. And it
is so much fun to help her because she's so thankful for all that we
do. Hopefully we can help her get back to church.
Then we had Mike.... Oh boy I don't know if i have really talked about
him to much but he is this guy how we found while we were walking home
and he yelled "how do I get my own world!?" So you can kinda tell what
kinda investigator he is..... I really feel like we will have to drop
him soon.. Every lesson we have with him, he either take over and
try's to teach us or then things we teach him will go in one ear and
only a little will stay and he tries to argue with us but we have to
calm him down and remind him we aren't here to argue with people. But
this last week he was even worse. I have been asking the ward mission
leader what we should be doing to help Mike progress and really apply
what we are telling him. And he said to invite him to church. He is
not worth our time if he doesn't really want to learn. So ya. We are
trying to figure him out..
A super epic thing happened this week!!!! So I was having a little bit
of a rough day and I had gone to the apartment to lay down for a bit
but then it came time to walk to dinner and we figure out that it was
a hour walk. So we started walking. And I was just trudging alone and
really was just focused on getting to dinner. But while we were
walking we saw thing guy out in his yard weeding and so I said hello
and he actually said hello back! And I was like wow and kinda just
kept walking.... I know bad missionary... But then God gave us a
second chance when we were walking back to the church. He was out
there again and so this time we really stopped and talked with him and
found out that he had served a mission and he was served in a ward as
a secretary to the bishop but he had just stopped going for some
reason. We figured out that he didn't have his records in our ward and
so we got him full name and his birthday and now he is not a lost
member!! It is fun to contact less active members but it is more fun
to find then when they are lost!! Less actives still now where the
church is and who to talk to when they need help but lost less actives
have no idea where or who to talk to when they need help! So that was
really epic!! He was super nice! And then before we were leaving he
said "I want to take you out to dinner this week!" And lucky we had
someone cancel on us for that week and so we were able to have dinner
with him and I know that God arranged all of this to happen! So we
went to dinner with him and not only did he really take us, he also
invited his son in law that is not a member!!! So we talked with him a
lot durning dinner and invited him to play basketball with us that
night!! And he was like, well we will have to check the plans for
tonight. But he showed up and seemed to have a great time!!! So that
was super awesome!

This week has also been a week for me to learn how to receive
Revelation. I was asked to do something and I was unsure about what I
should do but more importantly what the will of the Lord was for me at
this time. I prayed harder than I think I ever have before and studied
more intensely then I have before and truly desired to receive
inspiration for myself. It was such an incredible experience and one I
will never forget!!! It was so awesome and cool to see how I receive
revelation and how it come "line upon line" to us and it is something
we have to study out in our mind and take our decision to the lord.

I love you all so very much  and I hope you all had a epic Father's
Day and remembered to show our love to our fathers on earth but also
to our loving Heavenly Father who is always watching over us and cared
so deeply about us!!!
Love you all!
Elder Peters!!!!

Oh ya!! For my birthday I was able to share it will all the fathers of
the world!!!! :) thank you so much fam for that incredible package and
I will never be able to tell you how much it meant to me!! And grandma
and grandpa peters, thank you for thinking of me and sending me a
package full of treats and love!! Thank you grandma white for your
letter and sharing with me that incredible letter full of thoughts
about our father in heaven and also grandpa!! :) oh and you WEBBS!!
Man your letters were so needed!! I love you guys a ton and kameron
and kasen thank you for your love!!! I miss you guys but one day you
both will be where I am at and feel the undescribable joy that comes
from serving the lord!!!

Love ya!!!

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