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Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016
Dear Family and friends,
Last Sunday we were teaching about the priesthood and the keys of the
priesthood and I made the connection in my head finally how it all
worked! So We were sitting by the baptism font which you had to have a
key to unlock and so I asked the people there if since I had keys in
my pocket (also priesthood keys) could I use those keys to open the
door? I had keys so I should be able to. But my keys don't work to
that font or building. But then elder thibault had keys to that font
and building so he was able to open up the door! So that really helped
me really connect what was going on.

Prelude music is amazing! We were sitting there in the chapel before
our baptism this week and I had been running around trying to make
things work and then I had enough time to sit down and just listen to
the prelude music and let my spirit rest and get ready for the
incredible spirit that would be at at baptism! The baptism was
EPIC!!!!!! Autumn and Nakye were so excited to be baptized and were so
ready! Elder Adams gave a nice talk on baptism and then we had the
baptism and I got to be a witness and then while they were changing I
passed out some note cards and had everyone there write a note to them
so they could remember how special of a day it was and it turned out
really good! I couldn't stop smiling and I was so happy! I can't even
begin to describe the spirit that was there!

During one of our lessons this week with a recent convert we were
talking about the plan of salvation and then the topic of temple work
and family history came up and we talked about that for a while but
then she opened up a little more to us and said how she has had some
deaths in her family and I felt strongly that I needed to Testify of
grandpa and how he is here with me, by my side, through everything I
do. It wasn't till them that I realized how he really is with me
through all I do and it is not just him. I have so many past relative
that want me to succeed that are sitting with me or holding me up when
I feel weak! It is amazing the work that the people who have passed on
do for us and help prepare the hearts of us and investigators for our
to accept our message!

This last week in sacrament meeting I was filled with so much love for
the people in our ward and how much they do for the missionaries!
These people are awesome and a lot of them really want to help us in
what we are doing! I had a change of heart about the work. It is
becoming less and less that it is something that I'm supposed to do or
that I have wanted to do since I was little, to now I want to share
this gospel because I have seen it bless my life so much and so many
other people!

So while we were at the Eugene mission this week I learned a lot more
about what it is all about and we were able to talk to howie! He is
someone that we have started to really talk to while we are there and
he asks us really good questions. This last week we started talking
with him and how we follow Christ And then we ended up talking about
the Book of Mormon! It was so epic! We have him one last week and he
has already read to 1 Nephi 8 and he loved how it cross referenced the
bible! He knows that it is something that is good! He said he is
learning a lot from it! And then we left him with some scriptures to
read! It was so epic!
This last week I have grown so much! I have really had to step up and
take over the area and really talk. It has helped me SO much! I feel
more connected to the people and more obligated to finding answers for
them! I could go on and on about how amazing this week was but I this
I am almost out of time!
I love you all so much and I thank you all for your prayers!!!!!
Elder Peters! Because he loves you!!

Look Mom! I found you this week!

 Autumn and Nakye baptism!

Look at the friend I found!

Elder Peters went to the Portland temple today!   He said "The temple was amazing! It was so beautiful in there and so epic! The celestial room has an upper level! (I don't know if I can say that...) "

Look who I found in one of the pamphlets we use!

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