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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

So his week we were in a trio because the zone leader’s comp was made the assistant to the president! So that is crazy! So we all were together. It was good but also kinda hard because we had to cover both of our areas. We were see that guy I talked about that talks to us forever and this week we were only limited to a hour and instead of us teaching him he kinda took over and told us to tell him our favorite Book of Mormon story. So the 4 of us went around and talked about our favorite stories and why we like them. So that was interesting also he just kinda took over the lesson and would try and throw something at us to trip us up but we had 4 missionaries so it was pretty ok. 
We were able to find someone this week who was awesome! Too bad she is in the zone leader’s area... Her name is Rebecca and we knocked on her door and started talking about the plan of salvation with her and when we finished she said that she had prayed the week before that she know what happens to us after this life and why we are here and then all of the sudden we popped up!!!! Woot woot! Point one for the missionaries! So that was pretty epic!
So this week I went to the doctors on Tuesday and we went over the results of the nerve condition study. She told me that my nerve are fine and she doesn't feel like I have carpool tunnel so she did some tests on me, like moving my wrists around and stuff. She decided that I have loose wrists. Pretty much that means I have space in my wrists and so my tendons and muscles have to work harder to keep my wrist in place so that is what causes pain. So she wants to have me go to physical therapy and see how it goes. But I only can go 3 times in my whole mission.
Also we went trying to find this kid that was recently baptized but isn't coming right now and so we stopped by his house and we could find him and his mom was trying to help us even though she isn't a member and she said that maybe he was at the park that is right next to their house. So we went and looked but could find him so we went to go to our next person and we stopped to take pics by this wall and then boom! There he was! It was super weird! So as we took pictures we talked with him but we didn't try to teach him because he was with his friend and so we didn't want him to feel uncomfortable with talking to us in front of his friend. But hopefully something good happens in the future.

Ya it is transfers today. Elder Adams is leaving and becoming a zone leader! But the crazy thing is that he is just moving across the parking lot! He is becoming my zone leader! So that is crazy! And I am getting elder huntsman. He has been out for about a year and a half now. He is from Utah as well, in aurora! 
Love you all, Elder Peters
We went finding in another missionaries area this week after district meeting and even though we didn't really find anyone we did find this super cool field to take pictures in!

my new companion - Elder Huntsman

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