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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16, 2016
Dear Family and friends,

This week we tried to contact more of the people that we had already found that were just sitting in the area book and see if they were interested. It was nice not to just wake up every morning and go track all day. It was good to go see people that we had already found and talk with them. One sad experience that happened was that we contacted this guy elder Adam found a while a go and when he opened the door and saw who it was he grabbed the Book of Mormon and gave it back to us..... That hurt more then someone just rejecting us.. But one really cool thing was that we went and saw this old lady we found last week and we talked with her for a while and at the end we asked her if she was interested in family history and she got so excited and really wants to do it with us! She was so pumped for it! Then last night we went tracking for a bit before dinner and we found this lady, Michelle, and she is so prepared! She was like "you guys couldn't have come at a better time. I am searching for a church and for answers! I am a little busy but could you leave me with something to read and study and then you guys could come back later and talk with me" it was so exciting! :)
This last week we had specialized training and it was mostly on using our iPads right and submitting our will to the father will! So that was great! It has been something I feel that Heavenly Father has been helping me with. Also the vehicle coordinator came from Utah to inspect our cars. He talked to us about tiwi (the box in the car that tells us how to drove better) and it was actually interesting! Like he made it fun! No interviews this week. Maybe next week.
Well this week I am not a dippy faucet but I still have a lot of snot.. My head is better, like pressure wise, but it still hurts a little. I did get my package! Thank you so much for the socks and the sweater! I am wearing my braces right now and they feel pretty ok. My wrists have been ok this week. I think that some of my pain was coming from the thought that I had carpole tunnel but they still are sore. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow so I will ask her about them.

So in Saturday we had this service project for this race that is called "heroes challenge" and it was so honor veteran and stuff. Like they had obstacles that they had to do that were army related and it was going to be awesome! But then it just POURED the whole day! And so no one ended up coming.... But my assignment was to watch this fence and make sure people went the right way. It was lame and more lame because no one came.. So we just sat there and got soaking wet! It took me a while to get warm after! I had my sweats on and my long sleeve on and sweater and this electric heat pad on my feet! But I got a dog tag out of it! ;)

So this week was pretty good! we have had a few really interesting experience! We have taught like 3 people this week that know the bible really well and one lady we taught was telling us hat she felt that God had sent us to her so she could save us and help us get back on the path.. She had the most INSANE interpretation of the bible. And then we taught this 17 year old that was throwing out some insane scriptures from the bible that my comp or I had ever heard before! This kid was crazy and pretty smart but my comp was smart too and said that is all comes back to if Joseph smith really was a prophet and if that is true then the Book of Mormon is true and we are the only true church. But the kid didn't really buy it.. Then we taught this Pentecostal who we gave a Book of Mormon to but she said she would only read it if we listened to some of her preachers CD's. So we did that after a hour of that she wouldn't listen to us for like 10 minutes. But she said she wouldn't go back on her word so she would read a little from the Book of Mormon and pray. So hopefully she feels something!
Also when we were at the eugene mission we were able to serve in the kitchen and we chopped potatoes and onions! It was so funny because we all started crying in the back bacause of the onions! We seriously were all teary and it was so funny! But it was also cool because I was able to chop stuff! I have not been chopping things because I was nervous about my wrists so that was a fun experience to use my wrists a little more!
Also we did exchanges this week. So I got to be with elder finlinson! This elder is the zone leader and he is so awesome! He is a lot of fun to be with and he is obedient! I love it! I love being with people who desire to be what is right! It makes me so happy and it is so much easier to do what is right! And the crazy thing is that he ended up becoming the new assistant to the president! And he has only been out like 10 or so months! He is epic! While we were together we went to Dinner with bro Snyder and this dinner was a little bit different then normal dinners. For one, it was just him and also he had a death in his family pretty recently and so he is struggling. He told us a little about it and it was kinda weird because I want really sure what to say but as it went on I was able to talk with him and comfort him little and we started talking about other things to get his mind off that and he told me how he was a manger over a company that worked with browning and another hunting company. And he was really good at duck calling! It was nice to see him go from almost in tears to laughing and telling us stories!
We had splits this week and I went and saw this less active member and she was so nice! We talked for a long time and at the end I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon and she said that I knew that it was true because of how much I was smiling and she also felt it in her heart! Boom! Man I loved it! The guy I went with talked to me later and he said she just keeps talking about me and what I Said! So hopefully she felt something starts coming again!
Dunk now- week 9 ! woot woot! Man my legs kill after that! I just decided to jump in and do it with elder Adams and it was insane! But pistol Pete (me) gained a ton of respect from that!
We were out tracting a little before dinner and we found this lady at is SO READY to hear the gospel! She answered the door and said we couldn't have come at a better time and that she was wanted to learn more and that she had questions about where her dad is now that he has passed away and so she asked us if we could leave her with something to read to understand a little about what we believe and the whole time I a doing a little dance party inside my Heart! She said to not worry about her being one of those people who didn't respond back to her because she will make sure to contact us very soon! 😃😃😃😃 it was epic! Right after we got past her door we started doing a dance party!!!! We were so pumped!!!!! It was so epic!!! 
I love you so much family! You all are such amazing examples to me! I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to be out here and be helping people and learning so much every day! Keep being awesome fam!!!! 
Elder Peters!
Look at those clouds! We got drenched!!!

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