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Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 9. 2016
Dear Family and friends,
Come what may and love it

So yesterday I went to 2 sacrament meetings for church because elder Adams confirmed someone that he had been working with and so we went to our ward at like 9 and then we drove to Springfield where elder Adams confirmed his old investigator a member! So that was fun. The whole time my nose was running so I went though like a whole hanky in a couple hours... But in our ward they had a couple of the youth speak and they two adults speak and then at the end they had all the women stand up and then the young men handed out these chocolates to them! 
The do have some pretty big houses here. We call it green acres and those houses are pretty huge! We got to talk to one guy there and he is a sales man and he works a lot with Mormons and he said that Mormons make the best door to door sales man! ;) hehe! 

Today We went to the park and played sports outside! So I just sat and watched everyone play and then I got a soccer ball and I played around with That! So that was fun to just move my feet around and do something different!
Nerve condition study was pretty great I guess! Hehe! I wish i could have got pictures of but my comp feel asleep while I was getting shocked! ;) so he best way to explain this test is that they lay me down on the table and then they measure out where my nerves are and hen they mark it with a pen and shock me there and then they slowly move up my arm! And the higher they go up my arm the bigger he shocks got! Like when they were up by my elbow it made my whole arm flop like a fish!!!!! It was so crazy! It wasn't like painful but it felt really weird...... 

We had a 3 hour lesson this week with this guy that stopped us and asked if he could have has own world and be a god and so elder Adams told him to meet with us and he would find out! So we saw him on Sunday talked for a while and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday. And this lesson lasted for 3 hours! He talked about the restoration and the plan and we shared scriptures back and  guy knew the bible really well and so this made me realize how little i know about the bible so I need to study it more! It was a pretty cool lesson!
And that was one of 3 of our lessons that went through this week! The other 11 canceled on us.... So it was kinda a slower week with lessons...

On Wednesday night elder Adam's wrists started hurting and so I doctored him up! Hehe and we both iced our wrists and we looked pretty awesome because we both had gimp wrists! Hehe! 

Look at those pretty cars! 

I saw this sign and I had to go back and take a picture! It was so fun! 

And of course I had to dance by the sign because we had some sweet beats pumping though our car! 

After my doctors appointment we were driving back and we drove past the football stadium and it looked awesome! It is so huge and nice! On the right side is where all the tailgaters go for the game! 
This is me watching all the zone play volleyball! Woot woot! 
I love you so much!!!! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Peters!

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