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Sunday, May 8, 2016

It feels like just the other day I was doing this......
So We are teaching a guy named jumari and he is 17 and he is kinda a jock but when we start taking gospel with him we just brake all his walls!!! Like the last 3+ lessons (we have like 3 lessons a week with him because that is what he wanted us to do to help him to get baptized) and each time I look over at him and you can see his eyes are a little red and it looks like he is trying to hold back tears. Like the first lesson I had with him, so last week, he opened up to us and said he was having a hard time and so I shared how when I have a hard time I like to listen to uplifting music and then elder Adam shared how he could like write down some of his feelings. So he just combined it into one and he just writes songs I guess!! Hehe! This guys is so much fun to teach because he listen so intensely and he really wants to learn. This week we got a call from the zone leaders asking if we had a lesson planned for that night and we had jumari and the said great because president Russell wanted to come with us! WHAT!!! We were kinda panicked for second but when he got there it was pretty great!! They got to know each other and then we started. We were both kinda stiff at the beginning and I felt like I was teaching a lesson not a person so I changed it right there and made up my mind that yes I can use the points to guide me but always follow what the spirit tells me and teach what would apply to a person. And after that I was able to better teach jumari and I felt like it was easier to teach when I was less worried if I was saying the right words and more concerned about listening. President Russell asks about jumari every time we talk to him now so that is really fun!

This week elder Adams had a training district leader training in Eugene so after he was done we drove Drove through Eugene and I saw the stadium and the athlete study center and also where the Book of Mormon play was at and then I remember seeing all of that when we drove through the campus when we came up here before.

We were serving at the Eugene mission and one of the workers was talking with elder Adams and he was talking about me and about my wrists and how he feels sorry for me that I have this problem at such a young age. And he also was concerned about how it would affect me with getting a job if they see I can't do anything with my wrists...

So we are also teaching a lady named autumn and she is so awesome! This last week we taught her the word of wisdom and it was really hard on her. She had been smoking since she was 14 and so it was really hard on her. We have a senior couple that comes with us and we felt that he kinda just threw it at her and was not very nice about the approach to telling her hat she needed to stop smoking and drinking coffee to be baptized. But we went back later and we sat down with her and tried to explain things better and she then was not in as much shock so she was more willing to accept the change and so she is so far 2 day without smoking at all! So that is big! We went by on Sunday and talked to her and had left 2 Nephi 2 with her to read and she pulled out the meaning about how Adam and Eve had to eat the fruit. She is really smart and has such a desire to learn.

Megan is a mom who elder Adam and I invited to be baptized last week and is week we had a another lesson with her about the plan of salvation and it was really fun because we were able to build her knowledge from ground zero. She know little to nothing about the gospel and so we get to teach her and we don't have to fight against her and try and prove all the point in the bible. It is cool also because she says e plan just makes sense just like it is supposed to! We learned it before this life and we are just hearing it again here!
 After the lesson with her we started talk and it came up that she deals with headaches everyday and she said how she has tried different things and she said she even tried topamax and she said she hated what it did to her body and that she experienced a lot of the same side affect that I am feeling. So we talking for a while and it was fun to connect with her!

So on Saturday night we were walking home from the church (which is like a 30 minute walk) and we stapled at this place called Dari mart just to see what kinda ice cream the had because I guess they have good stuff. Any way, so we walk in and this guy asked if we wanted a tour of the store so we were like sure! So we showed us where the really good ice cream was and then the pink milk that he used like 30% of his check for and then the rest just like a gas station haha! It was funny and then at the end he was like do you guys want some free ice cream? We looked at each other and were like sure! And we are it as we walked back home! It was pretty crazy!

Fasted for guidance with the becraft family and as Sunday went on things just seemed to unfold just like they needed to for her and her family.  As I pondered what I should fast for this fast Sunday I thought about fasting for myself and that I will be able to function better and teach better and that the doctors will be able to help me this week but then I felt that I needed to fast for others. There are others praying for me and probably fasting for me. I need to fast for others. So I fasted so the becrafts and Megan! And I feel like things are moving now. 

Love ya family!
I will see you all this next week!
Love Elder Peters

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