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Monday, April 25, 2016

Dear Family and friends,
I have been transferred, so here is my new address. I love mail:)
85 Corliss Lane #12
Eugene, Oregon 97404

  So I have been slacking super hard core with my emails lately so I am going to try fill you in on what has been happening. 
So lately I have been having a really hard time with headaches and all that jazz. My neck has also become a problem but I feel like it is more like my neck is so weak that it is just getting sore and tight which causes more headaches and stuff like that.

We went on a pretty cool hike for p-day and it is the main cause behind why I had like no time to email last week. We went down to Ashland and we hiked up this mountain and had like a devotional on top of the mountain and some cool things were said that brought me a lot of comfort. We were talking about submitting our will to Gods will even when you doing something good! That is what stuck me so hard! That it took me so long and so much forced humbling to submit to Gods will that he wanted me to become a English missionary at this time. The idea kept coming up with I was never humble enough to accept it and know that it is from the lord. After being humbled through my head I was more open when president Russell asked if he could pray to know if I should go English speaking. (It just is crazy to see where I was. I was like curled up in a ball and when he asked me I was like "sure" I was just so ready to not hurt any more and if he felt like this was something that would help me then I would do it. Because I trust him and I have faith in him and know that the things he does is all through the spirit!)

So with being up here in now in the north and being English I get the beautiful pleasure of tracting!!!!! Hehe!  It was a weird to me from the very start because we went to every single door! One right after another! I have not done that ever! I have walked around in like trailer parks and tried to see which ones looked for Spanish people but now every one that I talk to in English so I can talk to every one! So that is a plus! Anyways back to tracting! I was a little nervous to start and I just wanted to follow elder Adam around to the door and just smile at the people and pipe in when I could but then after like one or two without even thinking I just walked up to the door and knocked on the door!! So I was like well here we go! When the person came to the door they were like "no I don't want to listen to anything thing you have to say" and closed the door.  Welcome to Oregon! But then a couple doors later I did it again and I just walked up and knocked on the door and this guy answered the door and he actually opened it and and let me talk to him for about the restoration for a bit and then elder Adam talked to him for a bit too and it was so epic! He ended up talking a Book of Mormon and said he would study it! This was so awesome to me and it was my first English experience with giving away a Book of Mormon.

Tyler to answer your question from like 2 weeks ago this week I finally went on splits but it was funny because I went with two guys so I just became the third wheel! Hahaha! It was fun! It was Tuesday night so I of course knew no one so this guy (brother Stewart's) who loves missionary work so much! So he had a list of people that he wanted me to go see with him! He was so awesome! He is so loving and so into missionary work. 

So this week we were surprised with some..... Lightning and thunder!!!!! I didn't think it was real here! It always just rains a ton but never any lightning but then while we're we were out tracting everything started to get dark like we were going to get a storm and then all of the sudden while we are knocking on someone's door we see a flash of lightning and then like 5 seconds later a boom of thunder! I was so happy! And then we got so much rain dumped on us! Like we were in it for a total of 5 minutes just walking back to the car and we were pretty wet! But not as wet as we got a hour or two later! On the weekends we don't have a car because we are in a car share so we got drenched in this huge storm that came through!

Giving a talk in church! Woot woot! One of the councilor  walked up to me and said "elder peters would you be our youth speaker today? So I had like 10 minutes to think up what I wanted to say but luckily for me I got to speak on the restoration and so that helped a ton! And then also the ward mission leader was speaking and he told me he had a lot prepared so I didn't have to worry to much about trying to fill up time. So that was super Fun! Also there pulpit is not center, it is off to the left! I left like one of those Catholic priests giving a sermon!  

So one night for dinner we were sitting with them and talking and there little Dog which was actually pretty cute came up and cuddled right up by my leg and just stayed there for like 15 minutes! Then right before we were going to leave the member said "I say whoever they dog sits with for 15 minutes without moving takes the dog!" And I realized the puppy was still there and I smiled and laughed! That puppy was so cute! And so crazy but when we sat down and talked it just sat with me and was quiet!

Fun fact! Did you know that here in Eugene you have to pay for your grocery bags! They are not free!!!!!! And food is more expensive too! It is a whole different place then Medford!

I love you all you much and thank you all for your prayers and support! I am so happy you are all doing good!
Love elder peters!
There is beauty all around!

Look what I found!

a rare sunset in Oregon

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