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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello everyone!
Transfers were this week. I really thought i was leaving, but I am staying!  And that is good!
So one time this week, Elder Dopp stopped by and started talking to this guy about his motorcycle and it was so funny to see him get all excited about the motorcycle and get him in the zone when he was talking about it! It was so fun! Hopefully some sort of seed was planted from that! 
I keep seeing trucks and wondering if they look like dads! I see a F150 that looks like dads and then I think to myself and wonder if that is was dads looks like? Haha even though now I know what I looks like I still do it and it is funny!
 We had our big zone meeting this week and I loved it! I definitely was not excited going into it. I didn't feel too hot and  my plan was to just kinda sit there and observe and take it all in. NOPE! I ended up being a part of a lot of things and even on a panel of missionaries to address problems we were having in the zone! Also Pres Russell came and he pulled me aside for a bit and talked to me. He said he talked to dad and that dad said to cut off my wrist and  cauterize it, but please let him stay out! I totally believed him for like 10 seconds and then he said jk, but really he is proud of you! 
I did exchanges with English again. But this time the missionary really wants to go home and kinda has his mind set that he is leaving.... So I tried to figure out why and then I prayed to receive guidance on what I should do. I felt I needed to just be a friend and be a good example too. So that was my path and it ended up being a good exchange! 
I am not the driver.any more,  Elder Dopp is now the driver. I took this as a sign that I was leaving (because normally it is true) but I am staying!! So I just have to half unpack now!
 We had another awesome lesson with the an investigator about families this week! Hopefully we can keep popping in and talk to them.
And that is a super short and quick version of my week!!! 
I love you all and I hope all is well!
Elder Peters! 
The beginning of a sunset for Sarah!

Zone conference!

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