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Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan. 30, 2017
Hello Everyone,
So something cool about today was the transfer stop! I was able to see elder depe and elder huntsman and sister levit! They all were so excited to see me! 
Also last night I was talking to elder dopp and about all the good times we had. Also I talked to elder Holman and explained to him what happened to me back home and how much it changed me and helped me and about cognitive. 
so last night Elder dopp had me go out teaching with him and to be honest i really didnt want to. i didnt want to teach someone and i didnt want elder dopp to think i couldn't teach. but i didn't say anything and just went and did it. at the begining i still didnt really want to be there but then we got talking and things got better! i think that it came from all the prayers that we said. (elder dopp stopped me before we went in and asked if i would pray for us and also so he would calm down) and that helped a lot! Prayer and hymns are what is helping me so much right now!! anyways back to my story. we went and started to teach this guy named Clay who is married to a less active and we were following up on his reading. they gave him 2 nephi 31 that talks about baptism and he didn't understand why he needed to be baptized again if he had already been baptized and so we started teaching him the restoration. (he really was in to what we were saying the whole time and he believes that the book of mormon is a good book and he feels good everytime he reads it). it was really cool to teach the restoration again. but it wasnt like last time at all. this time I, ME, ELDER PETERS, i taught him about it! With a little help from elder dopp i did it! i taught him mom!!! it was me!!! but really it was the spirit! i felt it strongly while i was speaking and testifying!I It was so good!! and then to top it all off i was able to do something i have wanted to do ever since i went home!!! i got to testify of the power of prayer and of Gods love for him and all of us by telling him about what i have gone through the last couple on months. not so much about my head but about how i decided to come back and how it was a very scary thing for me and something i really didnt know if i wanted to do. but i prayed to know and prayed for a desire to do what the Lord wanted me to do! and how i had to take steps in the dark to get to where i am not. i told him about how much God is aware of us and how much he loves us! i told him that God would never lead him astray, you just have to trust him!!
so things are ok here! 
My companions name is elder broshears and he came out when i went home. he actually went home from the MTC because he was having a lot of anxiety and depression stuff. after 10 or 11 months he came back out and has been here since june. he seems pretty cool but i have only talked to him a little and lots of it has just been about the area and nothing about him. he does seems to talk much. everyone loves him though, so i think we will get along but we will see.
Love you all, Elder Peters
My address is
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Reedsport, OR 97467

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