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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015
So this week was a great week. I was able to learn a ton and I feel that my Spanish ( if i look back to 12 days ago) is improving a ton. My maestros (teachers) talk in almost all Spanish and then when we don't understand a word they will say it in English. They are helping a ton. I am so grateful that I had Hermana Martinez before I came because I would be so lost without her help. Everyone here has taken like 2 or more years of Spanish and they are all doing pretty good. I am struggling but I know that Lord is blessing me everyday. I can keep up with what people say most of the time or how they act when they say it but when it comes time for me to speak I have a hard time forming the sentences. and just so you all know. grammer is still SO hard in Spanish just like it is in English!! ;) 
So last week you guys told me that there was a hurricame that hit mexico and I didn't really believe you till later that day and the next couple of days. It rained so so so hard here!! And dad the thunder and lighting was so awesome!! (dont worry we aren't allowed outside if it is thundering) anyway, it was so cool!
So how is the cold weather everyone!!! hahaha I bet you all are loving your sweatshirts and fireplaces. haha I am still rocking my short sleeve shirts and it is getting warmer now that they rain is done. 
haha mom those cockroaches that you sent me that are like sticky are so funny because there actually are some here!! so it is funny to play with the sticky ones!! thanks for all the notes in those packages and the happy little quotes that I think Sarah put in. My favorite one is be the fruit-loops in a life a cheerios.
This week during planning session with my companion we started planning and I stopped him and said, "Elder, we need to pray." and then after that everything started to flow. We worked together and thoughts came to my mind and  ways to teach. So just remember everyone, if you ask for  the spirit and follow it, then greatness will be thrust upon you.!!!
Family and everyone else thank you so much for your prayer and your support. I can feel it and I know that all is well with you and things at home. I know that everyone is ok and that it will be ok!!!
I want to end with my testimony in spanish.
yo se que jesucristo es nustro salvador. yo se que familias para siempre. yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero. yo se que dios ama su hijos! yo se que el don del langues es vardadero!
(thanks to google translate - I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior . I know families are forever . I know that the Book of Mormon is true . I know God loves His children! I know the gift of tongues is real!)
I know that this is short but I KNOW that it is true! 
I  love you all so much and I am so thankful we can all be together for eternity.
Elder Peters

My happy Room:)

Hurricane Patricia hit us hard last Tuesday night. I got a little wet:)

Mexico CCM

These are ways to send letters.  USPS is not working

I call these lego hands

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