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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10-27-15   First letter home!!!
this week has been so crazy. I have learned so much in Spanish and also a ton about the spirit! I have to say I was completely overwhelmed when I had my first Spanish class because they almost went all in Spanish.. it was hard to pick up and stay with the class for a while but the teachers are so good and the help us a ton!! I am so glad I am here!! 
so mom I am sorry I forgot to do that note card thing the first couple of days so you are not going to get as much but I am going to write as much as I can. 
So the food here is good. It was hard the first few days because my stomach was upset and so nothing looked good and it is kinda crazy food. But it is what you would expect from a mexico mtc! haha! but I am starting to like the food! oh Annalee guess what I had the other day!!! CORNDOGS!!!!!!!!!!  That was probably the best day ever! and Cameron I am eating a ton of the fruit and you are right, the fruit here is so good!
The spirit that Sundays bring is truly amazing!! I couldn't understand everything that was being said but I could feel the spirit so strong!! and also with singing the hymns. we sing in Spanish and so I don't really know what I am saying but I could feel the spirit testifying of what I was singing. 
Dad on Sunday we watched the John Tanner movie and I couldn't stop think of you! I love you so much and I am so proud to be your son!! That is another cool thing we do on Sunday- we get to watch videos! it is awesome!! 
Man I have so much so say but I don't know how to say it all....... also sorry for jumping everywhere. My emails will get better over time. I just don't know how long I have. 
I have been asked to be the district leader over my district. It is so crazy! I now understand what Brandon said about have like no time to study. I have a lot of things that I have to to miss to go do district stuff, but I know I am being blessed!!!
Also dad thank you so much for teaching me how to give blessing and also grandpa!! The other day one the Hermanas asked if anyone had oil to give her a blessing. And I did!!! because you put it in my bag!! and then I was able to teach the other elders how to give  a blessing. It was so awesome! thank you so much dad!!!!
So this week has been going so slow but after Sunday came everything started speeding up!! It is so fun here! I love it here!!!
so I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for all your emails!! I feel you love so much right now!!! thanks for taking time for me! and promise I will get better at this.
Elder Peters
What is your companions name, where is he from, what is he like?     Elder Ellis! he is a great guy! he is from Texas. he loves soccer and he is pretty good at Spanish. he has helped me a ton.
What do you get to eat?  normal food or rice and beans, taco and enchiladas:)    um it is not that great of stuff.... some days they are good but other days it is really gross. yes a lot of rice and beans. 
Did you get you luggage after the airline lost it?  i think this whole thing is funny.  i guess you will always remember how to pack a carry on now:)    yes i now have my luggage. haha yes i am always packing the right way now.
What is your favorite thing you have done so far?CLASSES ALL DAY LONG.
I am sure you feel overwhelmed with Spanish.  Everyone does, just some fake it great and others don't really care.  but how is it going?   um i am able to kinda communicate what i want to say but English is still a lot easier to use! haha but we have to speak in Spanglish as much as we can.
Do you get to leave the grounds and go out into the city at all?   no i am stuck inside a fenced in campus.   
Did you get to go to the temple yet?   YES I WENT TODAY!! it was so awesome! they even did a English session just for us.
Have you had any devotionals yet?  ya we had one that was from like 2011 at Christmas time by elder Bendar. but i didn't get to hear it because I was in a meeting because I am the district leader.}
What was Sunday like?    Sundays are pure joy!! I have the normal priesthood meeting and then sacrament meeting and those are both in Spanish but I was able to understand a ton of what was said
They gave us these red books that we study out of. They are kinda like task sheet that Hermana Martinez sent me and had we do. Oh, I met her in real life the other day!!! she is so nice. The ccm is so beautiful!!!   They have these green birds that are so pretty. I will try and take more pictures of the campus this week. It is so pretty here!!!!
There is me and my comp and them one other companionship and then we have 6 hermanas! they are all way smart! they are fun to be with!
How are you?   i am so great!! thank you for all the prayers!! i can really feel them!!

this is my trainer.  it is fun to see him out of a suit:)

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