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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015
hola everyone!!! ¿comó estas? i love you so much!!! thank you all for fasting for me this week!!!! i am so greatful for you all and that you all care for me that much!! 
so i decided i love latinos!! they are so funny and they have so much love for everyone around them!!! i have gotten to know a few pretty well and they would see me and yell elder peters!!! but peters is kinda harder for them to say. it is more of elder peeters haha!!! and i was talking with another one and we asked him how he was and he started singing the happy song!!!! it was so awesome!!!
haha fun fact of the week!! i am the tallest person and i am also that lightest!!!! (skin and weight!!!!;)) haha just thought you would enjoy that!!!
my head has been doing a little better each day. it still is hard but i am learning to not let it hurt i just need to relax and take one thing at a time!!
i also had a really good talk with one of other comps ( the compion of the tongan, the togoan is really loud and kind hard to get along with some times) and we just talked and both let of a lot of feeling! it was really helpful!! i try to write them down and get rid of them but that never works. i just need to talk with people!!
this week has been hard on my head just because of memorizing. i try hard to memorize things but i have a hard time to keep it all in my head. i decided that it is probably because i am also learning spanish and having to memorize all those words now too.. so i am getting better at memorizing but it takes me a lot longer and a lot more harder work to do it!
when you read the book of mormom with a purpose and seeking to find answers you really do find answers and also how to help your invertigators!! i love the book of mormon!!!
i have a question for all of the family! how can i become a better listener?
this week has been filled with a lot of experiences of prayer!!! we had a devo on prayer and it was the most amazing thing ever!!! i learned so much and i wish i could explain it all!! but it can mostly be summed up with this one line. pray to god and express your feelings, talk with him and he will talk back to you, listen and you will understand!!!!! prayer has helped me so much and comforted me so so so much while i have been here!! there is no way i could do any of this without prayers!!! (also my prayers are all in spanish now!!!! pretty cool right!!) also something i learned this week was that learning= practice, work, diligence,patience and EFFORT!!!!! 
i love you all so much!!! you are all so much help for me!!! thank you for the prayers! sorry it is short but i did send a lot of pictures!!!
i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Peters

this is me:)

I am so pumped to be a missionary!  Look how cool my tag is!

I LOVE MAIL!!!!!!!  These are all MINE!!!!!!!  Keep them coming!

Gym time today - I couldn't do anything so I just took pictures

In this one I almost got destroyed by the tongan!!!!! it was crazy!!!

I had to try too!!!

Do you think I can make grandma and grandpas table with this picture!!!!!!!!

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