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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hey Family,
SO this week we had interviews which i will talk about next, on wednesday we had to go and change the oil in the jeep and also rotate the tires. we had to just sit there for like 3 hours.... it was super boring! but it was funny because we were sitting there at like this booth thing the have facing the to road and we were kinda people watching and looking at the cars and stuff and reading some conf talks and that good stuff. and then i looked up and i saw this guy and i thought i had seen him before and that was a crazy moment! to know the people and area well enough to start recognize people around town!!! a couple days this week we went through like everything we had planed for the day by like 3 and so we had to kinda make things up as we go and we walked around and talked to people as we contacted people and it was really interesting. we walked past these hispanics that were putting subs in there SUV's and they were eating inn n out and we asked them how it was and they said, "mut bien!" (very good) and then we walked a little farther away and then one yelled out "con cervesa" (with beer) hahaha we laughed so hard!! it was a lot of fun! also i bought that pillow and it is amazing! i love it so much!!!! 
about the interview and what was talked about? interviews took all day!!! like we got there at 8:30 and we didnt leave until like 5:30 and they didnt finish till like 8! that is insane!! me and president talked about one of my investigators! it was really interesting. nothing about me or anything. it just shows that he is not worried too much about me. but he did call me last night we and talked about me wrists and me head and how the work in and if i am stressed and also about writing letters home!  it was really interesting. he gave me some good advise about a lot of things!

we have a boy how is 9 who was afraid of water when he was 8 so he didnt get baptized (antwone) and so he didnt get baptized. so his parents asked if we would teach him the lessons and stuff. (they are a little less active.) and he is getting baptized on the 26th!!! he has grown a lot and he is so much fun! i love this little guy a lot and he has helped me a lot to learn how to teach. we teach him in english and i have had to use a lot of object lessons and having him draw things to remember stuff. and it has been really fun! 
we also had to take someone off date this week (joe) because he wasnt coming to church and he is still smoking and stuff. he wants to get baptized but he feels super busy. he is starting his own landscaping com. he is a fun guy.
we are trying to meet with this guy (jose) and he listens really well to what we say and really seems like he wants to learn. he asked real questions and wants to know. also he is really funny! he sometimes tries to speak english to us and he teaches us new words in spanish and it is really fun!
we are still working with ana to get her coming more often to church. she has had all the lessons, now she just has to choose to act. it is sometimes hard to teach her because she kinda just cuts you off when your speaking and just goes off but.. its all good!
also we got back in with the helen and her family! helen is a 9 year old that is not baptized. her parents are less active and kinda "dont have time for us" but this friday we went over and we talked to them for like 2 hours. just talked. we didnt really teach them the whole time. we talked about their life and about their jobs and we cooked with them and then ate it (it was really good to have like a LEGIT home cooked meal and to cook it and be apart of the making of the food) and then we shared with them the hallelujah video (if you haven't watched this yet you need to!!! and share it with as many people as you can! share it in church or what ever meeting or gathering you are in!) oh jk we actually showed them a book of mormon video which is epic (the story of the book of mormon) but still share the hallelujah video!!!!
 today we went and helped out at this bishop storehouse thing but not a LDS one. like some random one that does the same kinda thing i guess. 

How is the head and neck now?
neck i feel is doing a little better! i love the pillow i have! it is amazing and my neck truly can relax with it!!
How are the hands?
hands are ok. i have been wearing my braces all week because sister russell asked me to. it is annoy to have everyone ask me about them and they kinda get in the way but i am able to hold my ipad better now and also get through the day with less pain. so i guess they are helping. 

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