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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So one day this week we were on a way to go see some people in talent and I was driving and my head had been kinda gone all day but anyways we were driving and I ended up taking the exit to Phoenix for some odd reason. I kinda beat myself up for being dumb and not taking the right exit but was I drove the slower way to talent I thought that maybe we could visit one of our investigators. So we did it and it ended up being a good thing. We didn't end up teaching him a lesson but we talked to him for like 45 minutes. (It was gross because the smell coming out of his house was really bad! I asked elder Dopp what it was after and he said it was beer and smoke combined. It was gross) but we were able to have a cool experience with him and testify that we love him and pray for him. So that was really fun!
Cinnamon rolls are our new favorite snack! I bought cinnamon rolls on Monday and it was probably the best idea ever. We set them out to raise at lunch time or sometime and then we put them in the oven when we get back home at 9 and then after we are done planning we get to eat cinnamon rolls! It is so awesome!!!
as You can see these things are HUGE and they are wonderful! Like they are as big as my face!!! Haha
Patterns of lights
mom's voice coming to me and telling me to take care of myself.
So this week I watched those patterns of lights videos and I was sitting there feeling gross and I heard moms voice come into my head that said " learn to take care of yourself and treat the problem before it gets big!" So I jumped up and I took excerdrin and stuff. Also I got some help for the doc and so that is a big help. 
Sorry I don't have a tone of fun things from this week because i didn't really feel super great and my head was not really you, Elder Peters

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