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Monday, April 10, 2017

So this week I was able to go to MLC and be one of the people who got to take the information that was presented and present it back to the missionaries in the zone! It was cool to see some of the missionaries that I knew from last time and how excited they were to see me! Anyways it was fun and it took up all day! Like we woke up at 5:30 and them we didn't make it back to our apartment till like 7:30... it was a long day. But I got to know the elders that ate district leaders and the zone leaders better and that made it fun!
We have been trying to see Chelsea and richie for a while now but they have had some family stuff going on and richie has had some point dais of work worth the burn season coming up.  Anyways we texted them to see if wet could come by and they said not tonight because it had been a long day. So I told elder lewis and we decided it was dinner time. We had been given a pizza by one of the member (Chicago style) but we both weren't feeling it. So we decided to go to Mcdonalds! So when we got there we pulled into the drive thru and (for Even more of a reason why this was incredible, I thought in my head that I didn't want to go in the drive thru. I wanted to go in. But I kept my mouth shut and we just did the drive thru) anyways, so we get there and then we get a text from chelsea and richie saying they were behind us! So being me I jumped out of the car and went to go talk to them! They ended up inviting us over to eat dinner with them and we were able to have a good lesson with them as well! It is awesome to be apart of miracles like that!
ZTM was great! My teaching portion went well and a lot better then I thought! I got to teach our zone how to teach for understanding and "don't teach so they understand, teach so they can't misunderstand." It went good and I was so glad it was at the beginning so I could focus afterwards :) and right as I was finishing the AP's came to the meeting! Haha! Missed it by that much!
My thought in the shower about how our generation has grown up with always getting a prize for competing and how before it wasnt really like that. i then started to think about how there is 1st place and 2nd place and 3rd place and why we just don't have them. and then i was thinking about the gospel and how it may apply to that. the thought came to my head that just like the gospel, sports and ranking have been brought to a level that teaches that everyone will win and they just need to be on the team. but that's not true. God established 3 kingdoms of glory, in sack of my analogy, there is the celestial kingdom with Gold, then the terrestrial kingdom with Silver and then the telestial kingdom with Bronze. The world still has some truth and teaches that we should shot for gold but now they have made it so that you can do nothing and still get a nice little metal.
Saturday we put a guy named Isreal on date! It was such a cool experience because he really is looking to understand which all all the "sects" are true! (He said that and we hadn't even taught about Joseph Smith yet) so as we shared the restoration with him, he said that he could feel something good about it! He told us that he would read through restoration pamphlet that night and also start the book of mormon and would come to church tomorrow!!! Woot woot! Hope on the Isreal expressing because we are starting the "gathering of Isreal" Haha! That's a good one! It was also super cool to teach him because his house was  not really a place where the spirit had been but as we talked about the restoration and the spirit was there testifying of the truth! I was sitting there and I could feel it and I said to myself, you know this gospel is true if the spirit is testifying here! You could feel the atmosphere of the home change as the Holy Ghost came!
We went to this cool restaurant that's called back to the best. It is like you step back in time when you walk in there! We went there because a set of missionaries ate there as they were leaving town after ztm and talk to the girl that was working there and told us to go back and talk with her. It was pretty cool to feel like I walked into a old diner. They had a bunch of retro stuff and old music playing. When we got to talk to the girl there she said she would talk to us just not right then because she was working which makes sense. But she wrote down her number on a order stud and gave it to us! I told elder lewis that it's not too often that on a mission a girl will wrote down her number and give it to you! It was pretty funny and it made me laugh so that's all that really matters! 😆
At church we seemed to have so many people there but we really only had 3 investigators! But still that's great for here! We just had so many less active show up that it felt like we had more. They are people we have tried to work with and now they are showing up again! And I have a feeling that next Sunday we will have quite a few extra people! Because it's one of the 2 sure days that most people go to church! 😉 Israel came to church too which was so cool because we just met with him the night before and asked him to be baptized and also to come to church and he came! And the lessons were really good for him and he said he really enjoyed them! Woot Woot! 🤗 after dinner we went back to his house and we read from he book of Mormon with him and had a great conversation! It was even more epic because there is a young man in the ward that just got his Mission call so we took him with us because he actually lives close to Isreal. His name is kody lowry and you are going to have to look for him because he is coming to the salt lake Utah mission! 😁 we are just switching states! So keep an eye out for him! 
I love you
Elder Michael Peters 
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