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Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017
This whole week i have not felt very good. i have been sturggling with my nose and it always running and a ton of mucus. it seemed like it could have been allergies but i think it is more than that but whatever. I'm still alive. a returing less active asked us to help her move and so of course we helped with that! and since this is the oregon coast, it always seems to be raining. like it you know it is going to rain at some point of the day but you just don't know when. so lucky for us it was raining while we moved..... woot woot! but she only had to move a few big things. so it was quick. but that didn't stop the rain from coming down and soaking all her stuff. i felt bad because she had a really nice bed and it got all wet.... but the members were so helpful and we got it done quick. i was so suprised with how i felt strong and health while we were moving but before and after i felt gross... it just goes to prove that God is watching out for all of us and gives us strength when we need it and to serve others. which is cool because when you think of how when we serve others we are just serving Him and He gives us strength to do that. So He really is giving us strength to serve Him! kinda interesting!
That night we had dinner with the hermansons and they are so much fun! He is a hot rod guy and so i love to use my tiny knowledge on that stuff and talk to him and just hear all these stories he has! he took us out to see his project car which is one of the cool old corvets, like the one off titains. (the one the guy crashes....) anyways, they are a lot of fun and our dinner went a litttle long with them because they didnt start preparing food until we got there, so we waited and talked with them as they prepared the food.
brother terrebrood is such a cool guy! He is trying to get his family rolling in the gospel again and he is trying to come back himself and this week in the lesson that we have just with him, we read alma 32 with him about having faith and planting the seed. it was really good for him and he told us right there that he would be at church on sunday! You could see the spirit working within him and see wheels turning. It was so cool. and he did it!! he came to church!! and he made it through sacrament meeting! which is huge because he has a lot of back problems and stuff like that so it makes it hard to sit on the benches and it doesnt help that he always seems to be in pain. so this was huge!!
We met with Chelsea and Richie this week and we talked to them for a little bit and then chelsea brought up how she feels like it is hard to read and pray because she can feel satan working harder on her! she knows that he is real and that he really doesnt want her to do this but she was struggling so much with things. so we talked with her for a whille and asked her to read and pray everyday and see the strength that come from it. So we are praying that things are going to work out for her.
We had ZTM this past week and we talked a lot about the restoration and stuff which was nice. I love being taught and switching the roles and little bit. It was also really fun to see all the missionaries in the zone and be able to get to know them better. 
We were super lucky this week because we got new beds! We are the first missionaries in the mission to get new beds! #askandyeshallreceive they are so nice and do very comfortable! So that is awesome!
Everyone here is reedsport seems to be getting sick with something. We have colds, flu, pneumonia, and whooping cough..... so that's fun! It has been kinda scary for me because I'm not immune to whooping cough so I have to be really careful about the people we see. And it doesn't help that I haven't felt good either. So it's been a party here.
This week is transfers and today I got my new comp! His name is elder Lewis and he is from Washington, Utah! (St. George, Utah) he is a fun and bubbly guy and we seem to get a long well! He come from a family of 3. He has a bother and a sister. One thing that I have learned about him so far is that he loves fish! So that will be fun because we got a lot of fish here do I will be able to try more things now! Also with the new transfer I have been called to be a district leader which will be interesting! 
I love you guys!
Elder Michael Peters 

Elder Broshear is getting transferred away

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