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Monday, March 13, 2017

March 6, 2017
While we were in Lakeside trying to visit people (we usually go on Saturdays because it is further away and with having limited miles we try to go once a week and also there isn't a whole bunch going on there) anyways, we went to go visit this person we found the week before and visit with them again. And guess what! He wasn't home.... da da da!!!! That never happens as a missionary 😉 but as we were walking to his house before we did find a guy that was baptized in like 2012 but kinda slipped away but he would like to get back into it all and so we figured out he is in a different set of missionaries area so we called them up and sent them his way! So that was cool that we were able to be the Lord's hands there. But as we were walking back the rain started and we didn't think much of it but then all of the sudden we could hear the rain behind us getting stronger and pound harder on roof tops and I looked at elder Broshears and we started running! But the hail and rain caught up to us and we were drenched by the time we go to the car! We tried to hide from the rain a little by seeking shelter under store roofs but then we would start running again, trying to make it to our car! Elder Broshears had hail stuck in his gel hair and it was so funny! Lucky for me I had my jacket and they have hoods. He didnt.... 😁so he got soaked!
We had Zone conference this week and it was about the Holy Ghost and how to recognize it and also love worthy of it. I 100% believe it was for me! I have been thinking and pondering so much about how I feel the spirit and why I don't have these strong feelings to go see someone or to go somewhere. But has they talked I had a duh moment. I finally realized that I don't need to have those experiences! That isn't how He works normally. It comes through thoughts I have and righteous desires. I realized that I can be directed by the spirit in everything I'm doing by my thoughts.  He is always talking to me! All I need to do it be willing to listen and understand what I feel. I had a cool experience with this on Sunday as I was fasting to know how to help our investigators and as I was sitting at my desk thinking I started to read my journal and I flipped open to a day when I had testified of prayer and its power and it hit me! I need to pray. So I knelt down and started asking for help to know what to do and as I was doing this i thought of how if I want specific answers I need to ask specific questions. I had no idea how to make my question more specific because I didn't know what they needed so I prayed to know what they needed specifically and thoughts started coming to my head and then a thought came in between all of them and whispered, maybe you should write this stuff down. So once again I was like oh ya! So I grabbed a pen in the middle of my prayer and started writing things down for Dan and thought that came to mind with him. Then the thoughts would stop. And I would ask, is that all? And I would feel a conformation. Then I would move onto the next one! It was such a cool experience and one I pray I will always remember! I have realized that if I am praying throughout the day and I am studying in the morning, that I will be guided by the spirit all day as long as I am worthy of Him! 😊👻 and it isn't going to be huge revelations. It will be thoughts and feelings I have. That is the Holy Ghost! I don't know why I had taken me this long to figure this out and understand a little of how the spirit works through me but I KNOW it is because I have praying for this! ( mom I don't know if this is something to share with the world but I definitely want the family to know. I will leave it up to you to decide) 
This week we asked someone new to be baptized and they accepted! Her name is mallory and she is a mom with 3 girls. She Is really cool and the coolest part about how we invited her to be baptized is how she was saying that she wanted a solid foundation to raise her girls in. She can see they are growing up quick and that they need something solid in there lives. She has a desire to have a gospel that has they fullness in it and as we explained the restoration to her she said it all made sense. I know she has been prepared to learn the gospel at this time. I have seen that with some many people here! Obviously there are still a ton of people that aren't ready yet but I am seeing a lot of miracles here in the reedsport ward. New family moving in and bringing friends to church, new family's in general that help out in the ward and more. But it is also cool to see how all of the sudden someone pops up and it like, I want to change my life, and we are like great! Here is the gospel of Jesus Christ! And you can tell when they really are ready! It is so cool! 
Thanks family for the cool new Tee shirts! We have been wearing them every night and it makes me so happy every time! We look pretty stellar in them! Also huge shout out to mom for hooking me up with a magic bullet! It is so nice! It was such a sad day when my little blender decided that it's work here was done. I felt so sad but then mom came in clutch and got me this epic red bullet! And now my smoothies in the morning happen so much faster and they clean up is very easy!
I love you all so much and you are the coolest people ever! I hope everyone is great and I love you all so much! Remember to search the scriptures every day and to pray from your heart!
Elder Michael Peters
Elder Broshears and Peters in their matching Reedsport Shirts

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