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Monday, June 19, 2017

A rescue dog afraid of men loves Elder Peters

Florence Oregon Coast

visiting Thor's well

Thor's well

 I want you to know that I feel that I need to stay here and keep working. I know I am going to still be in pain but maybe that is all part of my growing and learning how to take care of myself. I had a cool experience last night while I wrote in my journal about what I was feeling and I finally distinguished what the Lord was telling me from what my natural man desires were. I feel and believe that staying will help me grow! And become the man God needs me to be. I will still struggle but who doesn't really! 
I love you mom and I am so thankful that I was able to go to the temple and then listen to conference! It really boasted me up and helped me see clearer! 
So really I guess I get to tell you about the last couple of days!  On friday we worked hard to get our investigators to watch conference and that they all could watch it. Dan is in new jersey this week and he was going to watch it with his aunt so hopefully he did! Chelsea and richie have had a rough week because of stuff and also because his dad was going into surgery in his heart. He had a triple bypass surgery.  So they had a hard week I guess and things have been crazy for them so they didn't end up watching it. But we did get to watch it at an investigators house so that was so awesome! We were at someone's house for almost every session. We had a BBQ for priesthood meeting as a ward and one of the members smoked a beef brisket and it was so good!
My favorite talks were the ones you said plus elder hales! The sunshine in my souls one hit me hard! I want to have sunshine in my soul be happy! I want to feel good and just be happy me! I want to make great memories while I'm here! I want so much! I think the moment that I realized that this is what I need to do was little by little during conference and also while I wrote in my journal! That is why we need to take time to recognize God in our life each day!
I also have been doing some jump rope every night to just blow off steam and get moving and that has helped! I feel so much better when I work out! I need to be better at getting up in the morning now and working out. I think this week will be a lot better because I have a better attitude now and more of a need/desire to work out! 
Today we are with the Florence elders and it's fun to feel their happiness and see the things they do as a companionship and how they work well together and have fun! That has been nice for me to see and also that missionaries are aloud to have fun and also be them! And I believe I'm making me way towards that! 
What else should I tell you? Hmm maybe oh this picture is of a dog one of the members we are teaching. His name is tank and he is a Rottweiler. anyways he is a rescue and so he is a little jumpy around men but he seems to like us a lot! The first day we tried to have him come out with us he came right to me and sat like this infront of me! It was so cool! He is such a loving dog and so cute! 
I love you mom!

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