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Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29th, 2016   LEAP DAY!!!!!
2/22 - 2/29
Today I got my greenie breaker! And so far I really like this elder! He is so much fun and he is a party! He knows how to work hard and also how to play hard! He is from north salt lake! Like right by josh Maynard! He is super fun! Btw his name is elder Dopp! And we figured out I had a class with his younger brother last year in school! So that was pretty awesome! 
Also we went and saw hno Camacho (our ward mission leader) and we were able to show him our big investigators and kinda set up some plans with him and it was actually really good! I was able to explain a lot of our investigators and what their needs were. And what I wasn't able to say elder Dopp had my back. It was cool to see that I kinda do know a little Spanish. Maybe this has been a answer to my prayers that I would be able to see my success and be able to keep growing! After we met with hno Camacho we went over and saw Joe and like usual he has some interesting stories but we were able to still teach him a little. And elder Dopp was super smart and he pulled up some scripture to help Joe with his problems. After this lesson or maybe before I don't really remember, elder Dopp told me to just be confident in my Spanish. Like he says my prayers are really good but I need to just be louder and put some emotion into my words. Apparently Hispanic are emotional with there words! Jaja! 
We were able to go and give a blessing to this brother how I guys was pretty sick. We gave him a blessing and a couple hours later we got a call from our zone leaders and they said that he was a lot happier now and his spirit was lifted. They said he told them he felt the spirit flood the room as we walked in and he started to get a little emotional. Times like these make me so great full for how I live my life and that I am striving to have the spirit with me always.
I had a break though one night this week of how I'm supposed to be using the area book and our planner. We need to go through new and other investigators and make sure they really are investigating or if they need to be dropped ( because some of these people haven't been taught for a while now)  

New comp is the guy off Sahara!!!! He totally reminds me of the main dude off Sahara! He sounds similar and it is just so awesome! I told him this and he was super pumped and thankful that he could be compared to that dude. obviously I was excited that he knew what Sahara was and that he liked it too!
We had this cool Lesson with ilario (this dude is actually a guy we just said hi too when we were trying to find a other investigator.) so we walk up and say hi like awesome missionaries and then we get talking to him and we talk to him for like 30-40 minutes and we answered a lot of his questions and taught him the restoration. It was really cool and fun. It was nice because we were able to speak some Spanglish with this guy and it was very helpful. He asked a lot of good questions and ones we had answers to. Like how can I know? How do I pray? And a lot of others. He seems like he could go places!
So it is now Saturday and I have realized quite a few things this week. One, stress equals headaches and not a super happy elder peters. Two, it's really important to connect with people before you jump in and try and teach them. Three, I need to constantly be improving my study's and my prayers. There is no coasting allowed. Four, I keep thinking I have no idea what I'm doing but I know that that is the point. I am nothing. I can't do this but that is why I have to turn to the lord and plead for his help and guidance.
Why do grandma and grandpa peters not have a picture on family history? Sorry random question but we were looking at in on sunday and I saw that they didn't have a picture. Anyways.
this week my new idea for my life is to take one day at a time! It is very simple but it is a very true fact! If I can just focus on today and do my best today then things go better!! This week I have struggled a lot with headaches and not feeling really great but as the week went on and I figured out that I needed to change something so I wasn't so stressed all the time. I decided this because my eyes started twitching and I know that that is not a good thing. I also thought of how dad some night would come home and he would have a lot to do and he would be stressed and get a headache and his eye would start twitching. And how did he solve this? Probably talking to mom a little but also by pressing forward in faith! Faith that everything would work out! Faith that God has a plan for what needs to happen in our life's and that somethings that includes us being a little stressed so we have to turn to him and seek his help and peace in our life! It really is a cool thing that happens when we humble ourselves so much to the point of thinking there is no way to do what we want to do and what is required of us, and that is when we turn to the Lord. I wish that this didn't have to happen and we just natural turned to the Lord for his help at all times but at the same time we are able to learn so much and grow! So my new goal is to take one day at a time and try to remain humble before God so he can continually mold me into the man and missionary I need and want to be!
This week we were able to have some cool teaching experience. One was ilario and also a couple with the Fuentes and Suarez. I was able to learn a lot from these lesson. A lot about what I need to be doing better in my teaching. I need to speak up a little more (just like grandpa peters told me the night I was set apart, and be more confident in what I am saying) and also to pronounce more. These are things that are hard for me but will help me in the long run. I need to just jump into lesson and start talking. But I am improving and that is all that really matters!
so this week I really feel like Sunday has been a gift to me form God! I have been able to feel a whole lot of peace and able to feel the lords hand in my life. I love the opportunity I have every week to take the sacrament and be cleaned of sins from the past week and have the opportunity to keep trying and become more like my heavenly brother, Jesus Christ, and take his name upon me!
something New in missionary life is 1) I eat more in the morning (because elder Dopp is a lot like me and he actually eats food and stuff jaja) and 2) the energy level here is so much higher! Me and elder Dopp just party and work well together. We still have to work out how to teach the lesson with more flow. But that will come! Also music has entered me life again!!! Elder Dopp has a lot of CD and so we are like always having some uplifting songs! It is da best!!!! 
How I feel? Well that is a really good question! As Annalee would say " I feel good today!" Haha but really today (Sunday has been a really good day and a day that has seemed like a day of rest even though I still do the same missionary stuff I feel like I was able to feel better and happier today.)  I have struggled a little this week with my head and stuff but I am working on that. Don't worry about me. It was just a lot of change and a lot of stuff put on me all at once. But with the attitude of taking one day at a time is helping a lot! Always remember,   "Attitude is everything!"
How I eat? With a fork and a knife and on special occasions (like mornings) I use a spoon! But some days when I am feeling a little crazy I use all of them in one meal!! :) But when I am feeling really posh I eat with my hands! hahahaha! But like really though! I eat with my hand a lot! How else do you expect me to eat a toco or a quasadilia or a flauta or a papusa or a corn dog? :)  
I am so grateful for the time I have here to serve my Savior and my God! I am grateful that I able to constantly change and become better! I am grateful for all of you! Family, friends and everyone! I know I am loved so much! I love you all so much! I miss you guys but I'm sorry, I am not coming home until they tell me I have to leave! I love the people here so much! I love the time I have to just talk of Christ all day! I love to hear it when people say they feel a peace walk into their home with us when we walk into their house! I love the chance given to me to be able to teach other but me importantly to be taught! 
I love you all so much!!
Elder Peters!

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