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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016
Tonight was a great night! We had dinner with English people! We were talking with them at the family history center and they asked us if we were getting fed and stuff and they asked if they could feed us tonight so that was epic! They were super nice and really fun to be with! The guy even said he would invite me back for pork chops!!! So that is super awesome!! Also before we got there I decided I should find something to share with them, like a message, and I chose to share "becoming true millennials" and they really liked it! I know I was guided to find something because they rushed right at the end so I was glad to be ready! I know that these little thoughts are from the Holy Ghost! 
I also felt really bad because we got to our investigators house and she is really having a rough time... Her son is a drug addict and because of that he boyfriend won't marry her and so many things are not going her way.. I felt bad for her for one because she was going through all of this but also because she doesn't have the gospel knowledge that we do and how if we will really just true to God that he will help us! Just like the people and looking at that golden serpent on that staff and how it was so simple but people just couldn't seem to do it. We told her how much prayer and scripture study would help her and how she could feel so much better and have that peace she is searching for. I hope she will do those things we left her to do and that she will have peace.
I love the time I have in the morning! Everything about it! The time to stretch and the workout a little and the time to study! This morning I had like everything I own that is gospel related open while I was studying! I finally opened that study book mom made for me (like this is the first time I could have possibly used it because I have been so busy) and it is great! I am studying for zone conference where we all have to prepare a 20 minute talk on the atonement. So I started that today. I had my English Book of Mormon and my Spanish libro de mormón open and my gospel library and I was using them all to study! It was super great! I am not really sure how or what I am going to talk about with the atonement yet... I know I want to include like personal experiences so that I am not just looking at my iPad. I want it to be from my heart and maybe just have like a guide on my iPad.
So a popular question this last week from the family was what have I been eating? Well I want to brag about what I made me and elder Blake! We had grilled chicken with pasta and corn and I had a piece of my homemade bread to go with it! It was wonderful! Also to add to this I had a chicken sandwich (homemade).
So I had the craziest lesson ever today! We taught a Jewish guy! Wow! It was insane! He wants to make sure that he is worshiping the right messiah and a lot of crazy stuff.... It was insane! I felt so out of place! We have only taught people who are like Catholic. So this lesson was weird... It was kinda weird like I tried to show him that the name of the messiah is Jesus by using the bible but then he brought his torra and it said it was something different. So.. He kinda wanted to bible bash with us but at the same time not. It was weird.

 I have been trying to have my prayer be more filled with thanks and focused on others. It is something that Annalee told me to try along with facing life with no fear, only faith! I also know that you all at home have been doing so much for me! I know that every prayer that you guys said, that I was in there somewhere, I know that dad really did take time and pray for me at lunch, I know mom has been pouring out her soul to Heavenly Father and asking him to help me, I know all of you have been thinking of me and waiting me to be happy. Thank you so much! You all should know I have been praying for you EVERY night! I asked that mom and dad would feel comfort and know that I am in the lords hands and that all will be ok. I love you all so much and you all are such a huge example to me.
Gracias for my testimony of prayer and fasting! I know that this week has been better because of much prayer! I don't feel like my situation has changed much but I have changed! I have gone to the lord in prayer a lot and I know that he is hearing them!
Today in my personal study I read the whole book that Rachel gave me and boy oh boy can she write good books! I felt the spirit the whole time and it was everything I needed to hear! I needed a little love and a little boost and it took me so much farther! I felt so happy and so glad that I am in this family and that's have this opportunity to serve the lord for 2 years! I know that this is where I want and need to be! Mom I KNOW you have been praying for me so much and you need to know that I feel it!
So I know that there is not a ton about my week in this letter but it has been great! We were able to find a couple new people this week and we kinda have like a whole new teaching pool. It is exciting to have new people! It kinda gets you re-energized and excited! Also on the sad part our 2 really big investigators are really slacking and not doing to hot... Ana has been having troubles with her boyfriend and him not wanting to marry her now because of her kid and also Helen and her family have kinda been like avoiding us and we haven't had a lesson with them in like a week in a half and they are still expecting there daughter to get baptized next week. I wish there was a way to better explain how important of a step they are making and it not something to be taken lightly. Anyway, the work is good and all is well!
Tonight we had dinner with the familia Rojas and they are super nice! (Their son is actually serving his mission is Ogden!) and I got to give the dinner message( we trade off because all 4 of us go to their house on Sunday) and I did 1 cor 15:10 "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me"  I really like the beginning where it says by the grace of god I am what I am! And I shared this and when I would look over at elder Blake to make sure I was saying a word right we would be smiling and say ya or nod his head! I don't know why but it just made me happy! I have looked back a lot this week and I have truly seen how far I have come in my Spanish, in my spirituality and also my maturity. Honestly I have changed so much already! I am so thankful for my Savior!

Love you all,  Elder Peters

I promise my hair usually looks a lot better! I think it got messed up when I put my bag on my shoulder.

Haha we were watching this video In church and then all of the sudden I was like "wait that is uncle Dave!"

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