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Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 25, 2016
January 18- 25th
We went ice skating today after I finished emailing and it was a ton of fun! I was a little shaky at first but by the end of it I could have been considered a speed skater!!! I'm pretty much the next Apollo!! 😉 jaja! today was really fun and I really enjoyed the whole day!! we ice skated for a while and then there is this thing here called lithia water. it was super gross but apparently it is super good for you for some reason. haha now that I think back to it I think of Tyler and his durian (that super wierd fruit that smelt bad) and how it smelt so bad but he just ate it. well this water smelt super bad! like really bad. but it is something you do here so I did it! apperently it is like this mineral water or something. and then we did a surprise dinner with one of members! hehe! because they live in Ashland and that is where we were today (Ashland is like 20 or so minutes from where we live and the jorgenson family said that they want us to come over when ever we can. so we did! we called them up and asked them if we could come over and they let us! it was such a great night and it made me even more happy! hermano Jorgenson is starting this product and he is working with the "biggest loser"!!! it is this probiotic and it sounds super amazing!! he told us all about it! mostly because I kept asking more question about it! (btw this was in English for the most part) and it sounds like super amazing!! then we had this stellar lesson with the Fuentes family and man it was amazing!! it was probably the most peaceful lesson I have ever had! no one was running around, everyone was paying attention, they were answering the questions and it was such so great!!!!!😄😄
Specialized training! Wow! It was really good! One thing that president Russell talked about was pride and how bad it is. It really made me look at my life and I seem pretty prideful... I have been thinking way to much about myself and not enough about others and how I can help them. We also talked about inviting everyone! And how it is important to not just have the ball and not take the shot. If you never kick the soccer ball or never shot or never swing, nothing will ever happen. You have to see your goal and take the shot. Anyways I won't bore you will more of that.   I started off at such a spiritual high and slowly my spiritual well was getting lower and lower. By the end of the night I felt like I was scrappy bottom. I didn't want to write anything or do anything. But as i started writing in my journal about my feelings I understood why it is so important to constantly be adding to my spiritual well. It is like a fountain that slowly pours the water out. I have be constantly be adding a little more water to keep things good! I then remembered how dad said he would watch like a Mormon message at lunch sometime at work to help him keep the spirit and keep going strong! (He is letting out some of his secrets!) I understood finally that no one else can fill my well for me. It is mine to fill! 
We had a World Wide Missionary training today and it was epic! The theme of the meeting was that now as missionaries we teach repentance and baptize converts! I have a bunch of notes from it but I won't bother you with them. 
We had a stellar lesson with Efrian and Carolina today! We were pleased once more that he had been reading from the Book of Mormon and he had questions and we answered them and he said he enjoyed the book and its teachings. The wife for some reason is having a harder time. She said she doesn't want to commit to something that she thinks she won't be able to keep. Which is good because it shows that she keeps her word. This family is so awesome and if they can get an answer to there prayers then I think we might be able to start cooking with peanut oil! After the lesson we walked to the members car and someone had parked there truck behind their car. The truck was giving another truck a jump but the weird thing is that no one was around. The truck was just running and just sitting there.... So we waited for a bit and then I guess our member was done waiting because haha he got into the truck and moved it forward so we could get out!!!!! It was so funny! 
Hehe today I pulled a fast one on my district! So like past missionary know we have new missionary training ever Friday and the new missionary's show their ability to teach and to come prepared with memorized things and most of the time I have just done them in English because everyone else is saying them in English and it is a ton easier sometimes but this week I set the goal to do it all in Spanish and I did it! I didn't even say anything, like that I was going to speak in Spanish, and so when they called on me I just started talking in Spanish and I think everyone was a little confused for a little bit! Hehe but it for sure got EVERYONES attention! Everyone wanted to hear what I was saying even though they had pretty much no idea what I was saying! ;) so that was fun! 
It has been a little warmer lately which has been nice! Like there one one day I was just in my long sleeve white shirt and I was warm enough. Not like super warm but warm enough! But as usual it was a warm before the storm and we got some more rain. 
I know that everything that is happening here is for a reason and God is teaching me something everyday. I know that he is watching over me and trying to help me become a better person. I love you all and thank you for all your support!
Elder peters!

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