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Monday, January 4, 2016

Jan. 4th, 2016
December 28-January 4
Get high like paper get high like planes:)
I am able to see a lot of tender mercies. Like we were able to make it to the bus station and make on the bus in time to make it to an appointment. It was 6 and the bus left at 6:30 and so we had to get ready quick and then hurry over there and we made it! And on the bus lucky someone pulled the cord to get off and I realized where we were and so I asked if we needed to get off and we ended up being like right across the street from where we needed to be but we had to cross the street and then all of the sudden the road was clear so we could cross it! It was fantastic! And the lesson went good with Ana and stuff and then on the when we got to the bus we realized that we didn't get a return ticket and then when the bus came back the bus driver was one that we are friends with so he let us in free! And then we got back and we needed wifi to finish training and then all of the sudden the other elders call and they offer us a ride! The lord it watching out for us!
We walked into someone's house this week and elder Blake said, "you smell that? That's weed." And I couldn't really smell something, I could tell something smelt a little different then outside but a lot of houses do, but after we were in there for like 3-5 minutes my head was like "wow!" Kinda like what happened in Denver! It was weird! So I may not be able to exactly smell what weed smells like but I can feel it in my head! And let me tell you, it is not something that is fun! 
I saw this and I just started laughing because my comp says things are clutch when they are good and so I started laughing! Haha we also have this voice that we say it in and it makes it so funny! 
Wow 2015 is over! That is insane! The last couple of days I have been thinking of what I want to do better this year. I really just want to become the missionary that God needs me to be so I have been really thinking about what I can do better and I feel like there are so many things I can do to improve myself. I really want to become what God whats me to be. I'm not exactly sure what that is right now but I know when I do what Is right I will be guided by my father in heaven to become what I need to do.
We had a district meeting this week and it was awesome! I was able to learn a lot about how I can improve and how to better teach people! It was a little bit easier to follow along with what was happening because it was all in inglรฉs so that's great!  
After district meeting we got to watch big hero 6! It was awesome! I enjoyed it! A cool thing that happened before the movie is that the guy who's office we were at (we watched it in this conference room and it was really cool) who is like the owner of this company called million air and he talked to us about money and how it is important to have a plan and stuff (dad should I be putting my money in like mutual funds? He talked to us about those) anyways it was interesting. Then after the movie we had to go out preaching again! Hehe is was a little weird like going from watching a movie to going and preaching! 
After the movie we had an Exchange with the other Spanish elders and I enjoyed it! I was able to learn a lot and see things I was to improve on and things I need to try harder on!
While we were on the exchange we were able to find 5 new investigators! That's pretty crazy! We found 2 that night and then we found 3 the next day! We started off with not really having much success and we were getting a little down but then we did one last door and we found these people! If things hadn't gone the way they did we would have even gone looking for these people! The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways but he is super smart! 
Update on my wrists. So last night I tired doing a push up but I did it with (you know that pull up bar I have) i did it with that. So I wasn't pushing weird on my wrists and I could do them and I don't hurt today. I think the things that hurt more if twisting and stuff. I'm hoping to make them stronger!

Sunday's are so cool! This year we have a weird block because since like all the kids know English they go to primary and Sunday school and Ym and Yw with the English ward. So we have Sunday school and the other class and then we have sacrament meeting! And this year we get to meet in the chapel! Oh it was so nice to have the sacrament in a chapel! Also something awesome we had 7 investigators at church! We have never had that many! It was so awesome! I finally understand the joy Rachel talked about of when your investigators walk into church! It is amazing! 
I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all of you!! We talked to this young man and we told him about prayer and about how we pray and how we first give thanks. I realized that I need to be better at this. I feel like I jump around a lot and more focus on please bless me. I tried last night to really take the time and be thankful and it was amazing! (This guy is like 19 and if I was not a member of the church I think I would be a lot like him. We are pretty similar! He is a really cool guy! And he is also the son of the guy I talked to in the airport!!!! You know the one that kinda like walked up to me and elder Ellis and just started talking to us. Ya! I found him! And the best part is that he remembered me!!! He was like hey red head!!! You remember me!!? Oh it was cool!!) 
I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all you do for me!! You all are amazing!!!! I hope you all had an awesome New Years and made some great goals that will help you though this year. Make this the year that you do them!! 2016 is going to be simply marvelous!!!!!!! 
Te amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤
Elder Michael Peters!!!!!

This is our car! Isn't it nice! Maybe one day I will be able to drive it
We just went on this amazing hike! It was so great! I loved it so much and it was just so nice to run free in my nature habitat! The mountains! ๐Ÿ˜€ it is honestly the best! I have a ton of pictures and I will send them next week! Because I am not by a computer today so I can't plug in my camera.... But it was beautiful and awesome! 

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