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Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3rd, 2015

Just a note from Trish – Michael’s mom
Today is a beautiful day filled with tender mercies.  Yesterday there were tears on the phone call from the airport between Elder Peters and myself.  He apologized for crying and then told me that he just had feelings and emotions build up for so long that sometimes they just explode out of his eyes.  He had told me in an email from Mexico that he just really needed a hug.  I started praying that when he met his mission president that Pres. Russell would give him a hug.  I told Elder Peters that I had been praying for him to receive a hug and then I told him, ‘When you get that hug I want you to know that prayers are answered and the Lord loves you. When you get that hug, from whoever it comes from, know that it is a hug from your mission president, the Lord and from me!”  Honestly, I didn’t know if this mission president would hug him naturally, but I prayed that natural or not, that he would just feel like he needed to hug him.  It is a simple thing, but a very faith filled prayer was offered.  
Tonight when Russ got home from work he asked if we had any word from Michael letting us know that he was well and had arrived.  I sadly said, no.  I told him I wasn’t too worried because I had heard from Michael in California, so I knew he was back on American soil and probably just fine.  We had dinner, Russ went off to meetings as usual.  I went back to the normal mom things.  About 7:15 a call came to my cell phone from Oregon.  It was Sister Russell – the mission mom – calling me personally to let me know that Elder Peters had made it safely to Oregon.  She calls all the Moms I guess.  Then she told me that they met Elder Peters at the airport as he came down the escalator with the two other Elders and Elder Peters was smiling so big.  Sister Russell told me that President Russell saw him smiling and just felt like he had to hug that great new missionary!  Oh Tender Mercies!  The Lord is in charge!  She told me that President Russell from the first glance could tell that Elder Peters was going to be a huge asset to the mission.  I feel so grateful for her call.  When she said the word hug I started to cry and I couldn’t talk.  I told her later, when I could talk again, the entire story and thanked her and her husband for being in tune with the Spirit and for giving him that hug.  She started to cry also and told me that it is great to feel a mother’s love so intensely over the phone.  She said, “President Russell is sitting here handing me tissues”. 
  In the airport one of the missionaries lost his luggage.  (it was not Elder Peters this time like on his way to Mexico)  So, while they were waiting Elder Peters and the other Elder walked over and were talking in Spanish entirely to a lady working there  and gave her a pass a long card.  Sister Russell said, “It was totally amazing!  Not more than 10 minutes in Oregon and they are busy doing missionary work right in the airport!”

Elder Peters’ first area is Medford.  He is with a native companion and they were busy talking Spanish while they were waiting to leave.  His email day is Monday.

He is happy, He is safe,  He is watched over by the Lord and so am I!

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