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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015

Well, this week has been filled with a lot of excitement, sadness, silliness, and so many more emotions! I feel like when I start to get a little emotional, everything that I store up inside just floods out! Like we were teaching this lady who was subbing for my teacher because he was sick and we had no idea what to teach her so after praying we decided to teach about the Christlike attributes. It was a good lesson! We shared a scripture with her that was in doctrine and covenants about like having faith when times are hard and when we finished we asked her what she thought about the scripture and she started crying. She then told us that her grandma died like 2 weeks ago and it has been really hard for her. I felt that I needed to share about grandpa  and I started and said yo saber exactamente como usted sentir! (I know exactly how you feel!) and that is as far as I got before I started crying!  I love this gospel and the joy it brings!! I have been praying to feel grandpa by me and helping me and I guess this is my answer to my prayer!

Also this week I was able to help this newer elder. He is like 2 weeks behind me and he has been struggling with his Spanish. He feels like everyone is doing so well and he is still struggling! I sat down by him and told him that I had and still feel the same thing, but it is important that we don't let this get us down. It is important to keep putting our trust in the Lord and keep pressing forward with faith that it will all work out. Also after I said that he said something like usually he has to be humbled first before he starts progressing. I then thought about my life. Every hard thing or humbling thing that has happened to me has happened for a reason. My growth! I then thought about how my wrists have been hurting since like I got here and how this has been the Lord humbling me and helping me grow! Grow in my faith in Him and in prayer!!
We watched this video called "Because of Him"
It is so good and it is this video about Jesus Christ and how important He is!  I love it! maybe you can  watch it! It is truly amazing!!
also mom i have a favor to ask. i want to know more about my ansestors. Like is grandpa peters the first generation of lds in our family and more about grandpa white and where he served his mission and more about how our family came into the gospel. do you think you could help with that? Everyone can, Grandmas and Aunts and everyone!  ok:)

I would like to share something with you. It is something that I learned in one of the meetings I was in on Friday (we had meetings all day and they were to help us get prepared for our mission and how to plan and how to involve the members! it was pretty cool) and they shared this quote in one of the meetings.
" What are miracles? Miracles are the natural result of the correct application of true eternal principles!"
Also another thought I had and this is for dad. He asked me how to improve missionary work in the stake. I would say to have the member get more involved in the teaching of the investigators and also that they go out and just start befriending people!!
I just want to testify that the gift of tongue is a very real thing! We had a testimony meeting and I was able to say everything I wanted to say! I know I am not super great at Spanish but I am improving everyday and that is all that really matters!! I look back to my first week or even the 2nd week and I see how much I have grown!! Like today, I got my hair cut and I was sitting there and I was wondering how long the lady had worked here and so I asked her in Spanish and then she answered and I understood everything! well most everything!! haha!! 
I am so grateful for prayer and for the trust and love God has for me!
Mom can you send me the Priesthood men song! I have been trying to sing it and i cant remember how it starts.
well I love you so much and I am excited to leave and start my new adventure. Please keep me in your prayers. I am so thankful for them and I can feel there strength!! 
Le amo!!!!!!!
Elder peters!!!!
Oregon here i come!!!
I leave the ccm at 3 but i have to be at the reception at 2:30. So I will have to wake up at like 1:45 or earlier!
Well I am a little nervous about the airport but I will have people there to help me (2 elders are going to Oregon with me) and also I was nervous about starting but that it has turned more into excitement.

oh talking about blessing! I have been able to give a couple while I have been here!  Last Sunday while we still had everyone in our district here we gave blessings! I am so glad that Dad and Grandpa have taught me how to give a blessing!! And taught me that the words are not supposed to be mine! They are the words of God. Every time before I would start to give a blessing I would have no idea how to start or what to say but then I would start with what I knew and I would open the blessing and then I would just wait until words would come to my head and then I would say them! it was such a neat experience!!! 
this is my district. we are pretty cool you could say

this is my building! many things have been learned here

this is the cage! this is where we play soccer. it is like indoor soccer but outside!! hahaha

 just for dad because he wrote it on my pillow!! i also love you a ton!!! so i gave you a heart!!!

this is how i study!!

the washroom:)

some of my buddies!  look how tall i am!! 

these are my living conditions!! 

living conditions cont.

i love the scriptures!

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