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Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015
Specialized training was really great! It really made me what to be better and to work harder. It made me realize that I am in control of how I feel about this mission I am on. I can feel like I am lazy or I
can do something about it. I can ask  more questions and ask about how to become better and more involved. It was great! Also we were able to go see the Su├írez family and they are doing really
good! Andrea is really progressing and the parents are learning a lot
This is them! Felipe is the dad, Helen is the girl, Alexis is that fun little boy ( who loves me and always wants to play with me) and the moms name is Doris. Then later we went and stopped by this family that elder Blake has taught before and we ended up giving them a Book of Mormon and
explaining it to them! It was cool!!
Today we did service for a program called habitat for humanity and they build houses for people in need. it is actually really cool. they do everything though service and they are able to build these people house. I felt kinda dumb today because me and my feeble wrists can't do much. so i washed some windows for a bit but then they hurt so i tired to stop but i got put back to work and had to clean the shower. but that is ok. i enjoy serving others.  but the thing that killed me was that i couldn't help with the yard work.... i don't know why but i love yard work. like they had to dig a trench and they laid grass/sod down. (i am not too sad about the sod) so today we didn't really have a set plan of who we were going to teach which is hard. elder blake had some people that he knew and that
he had taught in the past. so we went and talked with some of them. this probably isn't the most effective way to find people but we were able to talk and get to know more people. one thing that has impressed me a lot today is how elder blake keeps pushing forward. he doesn't feel good but he wont say so because he says then your more likely to get sick and stuff. anyway. he just keeps trooping through even though he feels gross. it is a good example to me because my head has been bothering me the last couple days and so thats makes things that much harder but when i look at
elder blake and i see how gross he feels and then see how he still pushes forward, it gives me more strength to keep going!
I love study time! I am able to learn a lot every day during this time. Also I am thankful for my comp. we read in Spanish and that's fun but I struggle ( 1 because I have always struggled with reading and 2 I am learning how to sound out words again. And I stink at it...) but anyways when he sees that I struggle with a concept he will write it done on this paper and I don't like it when he does because (
well anyone wouldn't really enjoy that. It just like saying your not good at this.) but I am thankful he does it. I am able to start applying those concepts better into my Spanish.
Dad I love that you sent that baseball! It is da bomb!
Today we had exchanges and so far I'm loving it! This elder, elder polomeque, and he has helped me a ton. I was able to express my worries and stuff with him. ( he was companions with elder Blake so he helped me understand more) he helped a ton with understanding more about how to be a better me and to keep pushing on. He had me watch these 2 videos. Becoming a missionary and that we may not shrink 2013 Devo. They are both by elder Bednar. They are super great! Haha I ended up like talking for a really long time just about life and about the mission. It was actually really cool! 
This is the first time I have seen the sun in like 2 weeks!!!!!! It felt so wonderful!!!!
Sunday!!!! Today has been a great day! During the church we had like a musical sacrament meeting combined with the 2 other wards and that was cool! I really enjoyed just listening to the beautiful music! I was watching to choir and I thought of our ward choir and how great we were! I really enjoyed being able to be apart of that! I love music and the power that it brings!!!!! I have been trying to figure out how to listen to Christmas music some how and so one day I listened to the Christmas hymns on my iPad and that was pretty fun!!! I just sang along because the hymns recordings don't have vocals (so you can use them like a piano if needed) and so I would just jam out and sing to myself! I enjoyed it!
Today was also a little hard because I got a little discouraged with myself and that I don't know the area really well or that I can't talk with all the people around me and stuff but them I remembered the talk that I listened to last night about "not shrinking is more important then surviving." This has been really impactful to me and I have only heard about it for like a day now. I realized last night that I can blame the fact that I have a hard time reading, speaking and other things on my concussion and have something to hide behind or I can just say, "you know what ya my Spanish is not super great right now but how's Spanish is super great when they have only spoke it for like 2 months now. I need to just keep pushing myself hard and I will be able to see the results later. I won't see them all tomorrow but as I keep studying and trying my hardest I will be able to see so much progress." It is just like working out (this is for Annalee. She has molded me into this kinda person) yes it is hard while you are working out but it is supposed to be. You can't build muscle and get stronger by just going until you get a little tired. You have to push yourself really hard and maybe harder then you think you are able to bare. But when you push yourself like this you are able to become stronger. And like what Annalee always says. "It hurts so good" you are able to see/feel the affects of what you put in.  So back to me! jajaja! So I thought of this and not shrinking and so I pushed myself harder and focused on what was being sad and then I was able to understand a lot of what was being said!

I am so excited to see you all on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come with question and stuff you would like to know! I love you all so much and you all have been such a huge influence in my life. This week I only told you about my experience related with Annalee but I promise you EVERYDAY there is something I do that reminds me of all of you and I am able to see the affect of you being in my life and how it has blessed me!!!!!
I love you all so much!!!!!
Love  Elder Peters!!!!

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